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America’s Got Talent 08/04/09: Live From Hollywood

August 04, 2009 09:09 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell threw a twist in the top 40 and asked the judges to reconsider 8 acts as wildcards. 12 acts performed and America was asked to decide who goes and who stays.


Host, Nick Cannon welcomed the judges, Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan to the stage. These judges have picked the best acts from the whole country and now it is your turn America to vote for the best. Tonight is opening night and the audience was hoping to see the acts go for it!

The first act tonight was a wildcard act Breaksk8. They felt that the pressure was on them tonight, but they loved to dance and they were going to stay focused and win America over. Their routine was a funky mix of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Piers Morgan commented that his on going problem with the group is that their routines slow down the version of the songs. Sharon Osbourne thought it was a great way to open the show and felt that when they come back they will show the audience longer and faster routines. David Hasselhoff said that the girls were beautiful, but they don’t need them.

Next up was a little girl with a big voice, 14 year old Thia Megia singing The Climb. She sounded off key to me, but the judges didn’t buzz her. Sharon said that she wasn’t disappointed tonight and she loves the fact that she is age appropriate. David said,”Thia Megia you really got to mea.” Piers said, “One word…brilliant!”

The Platt Brothers were up next as a wildcard act. They performed their Hip Hop acrobatic act and although they put on an awesome performance it was very amateur. David said that the group was voted back because of their unique routine. Piers said that he liked the group alot, but he didn’t really know what their act was as it was unfocused and a bit confusing. Sharon agreed with both judges and said that their routine was a bit much to take in.

The next act definately put the vamp into Vampire. The Diva League were back as a wildcard and hoping to make it. The men came out of coffins and danced to Disturbia dressed as vampires. They received a buzzer from Piers, but went on to complete their freaky act. Piers said he buzzed them because they were trying to find an act to represent America and he considered the group a bunch of old Drag Queens that couldn’t dance. Sharon said that their routine was entertaining and told the guys to go for it. David said he agreed with Sharon and said the guys could sustain a show in Las Vegas.

Manuela Horn performed a routine to Don’t Ya. She was buzzed by all three judges as her routine was not as interesting as her yodelling routine last week. Piers and Sharon told her that they voted through a great dominatrix act, but she stripped it all away tonight. David told her that they voted her through as she was unique before, but now her routine was too slow.

Wildcard comedy act Grandma Lee was prepared to keep her act clean tonight. She is one of my favorite acts on this show this season. Her underwear jokes were fantastic. David said he was trying to figure out who she had first, Piers or him. Piers said he cannot have her two timing with David Hasselhoff. Sharon said that Grandma Lee was so naughty, but she loved her so much.

Singers Mosaic sang Superstitious. Their background sounds were amazing. David said that they got better and better after starting off light. Piers said that it was nearly perfect. Sharon thought that at the beginning it was too much, but at the end the harmony and lead vocal was smokin’!


Acrodunk was hoping for a perfect routine tonight. I think that their routine can out do that of the Globetrotters. Their precision was super and the combination of dance moves intertwined with acrobatic basketball dunking was fantastic. They received a standing ovation and Sharon said that she was unsure how the group could make it into a show, but tonight they proved that they could. David said that he didn’t think that the group could be better, but they were. Piers asked the group if they got the last one in, but it didn’t matter as he thought their routine was extraordinary.


Arcadian Broad was the next wildcard on stage. He was adding a new element to his act tonight and hoping his chance would pay off. He played the piano at first and then danced to Footloose. David said that all of the kids that teased him at school are watching him now and he made the stage his tonight. Piers said that he didn’t want to see him playing the piano again as he is one of the most gifted dancers they have ever seen. Sharon said that she loves him so much and it was nice to see that he wasn’t one dimensional.

Magic act, Drew Thomas Magic, lit up the stage with their illusionist routine. It was amazing as usual. Piers said that their routine was representing every magician in America. Sharon said that they frightened the life out of her and wanted him to look like a star. David said that the act was amazing!

Chicken catcher Kevin Skinner was another wildcard act tonight. He was amazed by the lights and the billboards of Hollywood. His dream of being a singer was fullfilled tonight as he sang Feel My Love. He was off key tonight, but his emotion was evident as he sang for the audience. Sharon said that he was an honest man and she loved his new hairdo. David said that when he sings it is with passion and with heart. Piers said that this is the only show on earth where a man can go from catching chickens to a show like this and he felt this was the performance of the night.

Lake Housten Dance another wildcard…ewwwwww…was back again! Their creepy hairdo was enough to turn me off and tonight they were ready to dance a new routine. They felt it was right for the judges to bring them back. They danced to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. They were sloppy with their moves, but it was nice to see them without the afro wigs. David said he was glad that they came back on the show and was glad that they got rid of the afro’s too! Piers said he liked the pillow fight alot, but honestly he preferred the afros’s…say what??? Sharon said she loved the song choice, but with so many of them she found it hard to focus on them.

That’s it for tonight folks! Now it is time to vote. Find out who made it through tomorrow night onAmerica’s Got Talentat 9 PM on NBC.

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3 Responses to “America’s Got Talent 08/04/09: Live From Hollywood”

  1. Joy14344 Says:
    August 5th, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Ms. Paulene, sorry but I didn’t think that Thia and Mr. Skinner were off-key. In Thia’s case at least, she is also an accomplished piano player and can play the guitar (watch her youtube channel already existent even before she entered AGT, especially her rendition of Adele’s “Chasing Pavements” is incredible). She wasn’t off-key for sure as I’ve listened to the original version of this song by Miley with my kids. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the original version first to know if she sung it off-key. Because to me, she sung it as perfect as could be in a live performance. I agree with Pierce, she was brilliant as she wasn’t pretentious enough to sing a big diva song just to impress (as we know she could easily do). But sung a song so age appropriate.

  2. Joy14344 Says:
    August 5th, 2009 at 11:38 am

    Sorry, I also forgot. Try going to youtube, and search Miley Cyrus – The climb. See Miley singing this song live, and let’s see if you still think that Thia is singing this song off-key…..

  3. Paulene Hinds Says:
    August 12th, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Thank you for your opinion. I have listened to both the original of the song Thia sang and her version and I still find that her version wasn’t on key. We each have different hearing abilities and perhaps mine or yours is off. In any case, she made it through and that in the end is the most important thing for Thia! As for Kevin, he was very nervous and admitted it himself. I love the guy too and am happy he has made it through to the next round. Once again, thanks for your comments!


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