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Big Brother 11: Where Loyalties Lie

August 04, 2009 07:28 PM by Ryan Haidet


Strategy dominated the Big Brother 11 house in tonight’s episode as the group appeared divided on the looming eviction.  Some were on Ronnie’s side while others were hoping Lydia would be packing her bags come Thursday night.  As a result, Michele found herself in the middle of the entire situation with both sides tugging at her brain.

Russell’s nominations were interesting in several aspects.  First, he said he nominated Ronnie to simply see where loyalties lie — would his alliance side with the targeted Rat or go against his desire and vote off Lydia?  Interesting experiment.

It also solidified his deal he made with Jeff while they were battling it out in the Head Of Household competition.  That put a lot of trust between the two new allies.

I have to admit — I wasn’t a huge Russell fan at the start of this season, but he is truly the best player in the house at the moment.  He has really brought on some solid strategy and gameplay, which has turned the house on its head.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  Ronnie, I’m rootin’ for you now!

Rats Can Cry?

Ronnie went up to the HOH bedroom and worked on Russell to find a way to be safe this week.  He sat down on the bed and started crying while pledging a solid alliance.  “I want us all to keep the team together,” he said.  “I will do anything to stay in this house.”

C’mon, Ronnie.  Did you really believe your debating skills would save you this time?  Nope.  Russell didn’t buy the story one bit.  “Ronnie has made his bed and now he can lie in it.”

Ronnie’s Allies

But Jessie wasn’t a fan of targeting Ronnie.  He felt as if Lydia was the better person to evict.  He actually even called Ronnie a stand-up guy.  Huh?  Maybe Ronnie is a nice, decent person outside of the BB house, but in the game, he is a huge liar.  That is a normal quality to possess in the house, but not one a stand-up person outside of reality television would want to have.


Twice In A Row

Rome settled down in the Big Brother backyard just in time for the Power Of Veto competition.  All six contestants chosen to participate (Russell, Michele, Ronnie, Jessie, Lydia and Kevin) were tasked with a simple counting game.  Remember those carnival-style contests as a kid where you had to guesstimate how many gumballs were in a jar?  It was the exact same concept.

After several rounds, Russell nabbed an early lead — but that didn’t last for long.  Michele quickly rebounded and eventually won the POV, which marks her second victory in a row.  With her win, she felt like she now held all the power this week since she controls the POV and the swing vote.


Paranoia & Drama Arrive

After the competition, Russell and Michele had a chat in the HOH bedroom about trust.  As this discussion was underway, it made both Jessie and Natalie feel uneasy with Jessie worried that maybe there was a plan brewing to backdoor him.

Later, while Chima and Ronnie were talking in the pool room about Russell — they got caught.  Russell overheard their discussion and opened the door to let them know he could hear everything.

At the POV Ceremony, Michele didn’t use the golden medallion to save either of the nominations.  So it will either be an Offbeat of a Brain walking out the door on Thursday night.

Images provided by Monty Brinton/CBS.

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