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Dance Your Ass Off: Jump, Jive & Weigh In

August 04, 2009 01:25 AM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s Dance Your Ass Off, the contestants swing dance to the hits,and the number one contestant gets a much deserved phone call home after being sequestered away from family and friends for 6 weeks. The dancing is great, the contestants are pumped, and the music is loud, which makes for another great Dance Your Ass Off episode.

Trice and Jesus were up first on Dance Your Ass Off and did the West Coast Swing to “Spotlight.” Trice looked gorgeous in red and the weight loss is evident. The judge’s average score was 6.7, and the percentage of body weight she lost was 1.69, for a total of 8.39. To date, Trice has lost 31 lbs.


Alicia and Italo did the Jive/Swing to “Pump It.” Wow, Alicia rocked it out and was terrific! She just gets better each week. The judges loved it and her average score was 8.7 and she lost 2.56% of her body weight. Alicia’s overall score was 11.26 and she has lost 29.2 lbs. since the beginning of the show.


Shayla and Mario danced the Lindy Hop/West Coast Swing to “One Step at a Time.” She was hot, did flips, and even did a split in the air. Mayte gave her a 10 and her average score was 9.0. Her percentage of body weight lost was 1.82. Her overall score was 10.82 and Shayla has lost 22.6 lbs. since day one. Wow!


Ruben and Hilary did the West Coast Swing/Jive to “SOS.” He danced great as usual and was really smooth. The judges found him elegant and Danny gave him a 10. His average score was 8.7 and the percentage of body weight he lost was 2.28, for a total score of 10.98. To date, Ruben has lost a whopping 48 pounds! That is massive.


Mara and Pinky lost the least amount of weight, so they danced last.

Mara and Paul danced the Jive/West Coast Swing to “Womanizer.” As Mara loses weight she looks stronger and is more flexible with her moves. The judge’s average score was8.3. Mara lost 1.24% of her body weight for a total of 9.54. Overall, Mara has lost 23.1 lbs.


Pinky and Mr. Lucky did the Lindy Hop/Jive to “I Kissed a Girl.” Pinky looked so cute, but danced a little awkward. It just wasn’t her night. The judge’s average score was 7 and she lost .75% of her body weight for a total of 7.75. Pinky has lost 13.9 lbs. to date.


Although Trice lost the most weight of the women, her overall score wasthe lowest,so she was sent packing.


Alicia won the phone call home and spoke toher family, who were so proud of her.

Don’t miss next weeks episode when the stakes are raised even higher, as each contestant will be performing two dancesâ⬔one hip hop routine and one tango,

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Photo credit: Oxygen Network

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