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Dating In The Dark: Episode Three

August 04, 2009 12:28 AM by Cindy Adams


On this episode of Dating In The Dark, the mansion awaits six new singles, as three women duke it out for one man, leading to a shocking conclusion. In the end,each Dating In The Dark single hasto determine if their attraction to one another’s personalities is strong enough to form a relationship orwhether looks are the defining factor in their decisions.

The first Dating In The Dark single to enter the mansion was Chris, who is 26 and is a part-time personal trainer. He overcame cancer at age 15 and is looking for someone who wants a family and shares his values and beliefs. Chris is a handsome guy, but has a very boyish look.


Philip is 27 and a former Marine. He wants to get to know someone from the heart first. He is buff and very good looking.


Billy Ray is 33 and a freelance writer. He has had bad luck with relationships. His mother and father have been married three times each and his step father has been married four times, so his role models as far as relationships are null and void. Billy Ray looks a lot like his nameâ⬔a little bit country, and a little bit rock ‘n roll!


Sasha is 30 and a writer. She admits she is very superficial and only dates hot guys. Sasha is attractive, but not a bombshell.


Megan is a 23-year-old nanny and comes from a conservative family. She is very eclectic so needs a balanced guy who can dig her family and her offbeat friends. She is pretty and her style is very cool.


Jennifer is 30 and in the military. She believes that men can’t handle the fact she is a military woman, but she wants to get married and have a family. Jennifer is very attractive and is in great shape.


The men and women meet in the dark room and introduce themselves. Then, to get to know each other better, each single chose another for an individual date. Billy Ray and Megan chose each other. They talked about their families, but they were so different they had nothing in common.


Sasha invited Billy Ray and they did not get alongâ⬔she is a cat lover and he is not. She is a hard workerâ⬔and he is not! Oh well.


Jennifer invited Chris and challenged him to do a push up with her on his back. He did several and she was impressed by his body and the great shape he was in.


Philip invited Jennifer on a date because she is a military woman and he was in the Marines. They had a lot in common, but the spark was more friendly than romantic.


Sasha decided to invite Chris on a date and he told her about how his father died of cancer when he was 11 and of his cancer experience.


Both Jennifer and Sasha really liked their dates with Chris, so both were vying for his attention.

The singles then got to explore each other’s purses and wallets. Billy Ray had lottery tickets and no moneyâ⬔not too appealing. Philip had a lot of credit cards; and Chris’ wallet was pretty normal. Jennifer’s purse was beat up; Sasha’s purse was chaotic; and Megan’s purse had nothing in it.

Next, the singles were matched up based on compatibility and Sasha was paired with Billy Ray, which she looked ill about. Jennifer and Philip were matched, and Megan was paired with Chris, which made the other girls extremely jealous.

For the first compatibility date, Chris brought food for Megan and had her guess what she was eating. They hit it off and she had him tickle her arm. Next, Billy Ray and Sasha had their date. It went horribly, and he said the date was boring, with absolutely no emotional connection. Philip and Jennifer had their date, but she felt they were more compatible as friends.

After the compatibility dates, each was able to ask different singles out. Jennifer invited Chris and she brought whipped cream and strawberries to eat. They had fun and got along great. Philip invited Jennifer and she was honest, telling him that he and Chris were her favorites. He could just tell she liked Chris better and told herit was okay. Billy Ray invited Megan and they had zero connection. Urgh! It was worse than his date with Sasha. After the date he said his perfect match was not in the mansion.

For the final dates, all three women chose Chris. Wow! He’s cute, but they really should have given the other guys a chance. Billy Ray and Philip seemed to take it well, but they had to be a little miffed.

Chris’ first date was with Megan and they had great conversation. But, Chris told her to be quiet and he kissed her.


Jennifer was next and they talked about his childhood. Chris kissed Jennifer as well, and he thought the kiss was amazing. He was mesmerized!

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