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Hell’s Kitchen Feeds The Stars And Ends In A Lovely Way

August 04, 2009 07:29 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen saw the elimination of one by choice, one by Ramsay and two on the cusp as Chef Ramsay gave a reprieve to Lovely and Tennille who both should have been out the door, based on their performance to date. Even with all of the yelling, another two went down to injuries as this season looks to be the most brutal yet. Tonight, with a bevy of stars in for the dinner service, it will be interesting to see if the service is completed without Chef Ramsay blowing a gasket or two.

The girls were not happy that Tennille and Lovely were still in their midst and Chef Ramsay noticed that the tension was a bit unbearable and made it worse by partnering up people who just didn’t like each other for the next challenge. Chef Ramsay had sausages brought in and showed the chefs how to prepare the meat and then told the partners to prepare their sausages.


It was neck and neck with the women really handling their meat well needing one more string to send the men into sausage hell as they would have to prep the kitchen for the next service as well as cleaning the dorm as the ladies would enjoy a day out with Chef Ramsay, um-pa-loom-pa band and all.

The forth dinner service was up and the women were on top of the world and the men were imploding as Robert was having a melt down and Dave was getting bad news when he was told that he had to have a cast on his arm because of the fracture he got while cleaning the fire trucks. Dave discussed his options with Chef Ramsay and he decided to stay in Hell’s Kitchen.


The stars arrived for the service and the chefs were a bit star-struck as the service got under way. Jim was moving at the slowest speed ever as the ladies zoomed ahead of the boys. The girls actually started to redeem themselves a bit until food stared coming back because of two much salt. Blue team and Robert started to pick up the pace as Lovely showed her true stripes as she continued her downward slide.

Andy was having problem with undercooked lamb on the Blue Team as Robert went all “Chef Ramsay” on his butt until Chef Ramsay told him to back it down a bit while Lovely went into dream land as she spaced out as to what orders needed to go out.


With three tickets left for each team, Chef Ramsay told them that the first to complete would be the winner for the evening. The ladies turned up the heat and Andy dug an even deeper hole for the men with bad chicken, but the men pulled it out in the end when Lovely could not get the sides down in time.


Chef did say that Sabrina was good tonight and Chef Ramsay told her to pick two, Come on, Lovely has got to go but Sabrina saw Tek as weak as well. When Chef Ramsay asked her, she said Tek and Lovely were weak. Chef Ramsay said that he was alarmed that Lovely was up for yet another time but surprised everyone when he called Suzanne and asked who she would send home and without hesitation, she immediately said Lovely and Chef Ramsay agreed and finally sent Lovely packing.


Next week looks to be even more explosive as Robert attacks one of the other chefs in an explosive all new Fox series, “When Big Chefs Attack.”

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