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The Bachelorette: Did Ed Cheat On Jillian Harris?

August 04, 2009 05:22 PM by Britteny Elrick


Well… they haven’t even been together out in public for a week and already there are rumors of unfaithfulness surfacing everywhere! According to a report on RadarOnline.com, Ed was texting and emailing his ex girlfriend, Bethany Steffen, while competing for Jillian Harris’ love on The Bachelorette. Keep reading for full details…

“He broke off his relationship with Bethany just a week before he began shooting The Bachelorette but soon resumed contact with her via texts and emails,” a source told RadarOnline.com. Another source added that the texts were of a “sexy” nature. There were also reportsregarding a secondwoman, Lindsay Johnson. Soare theytrue? Extra’s Mario Lopezcaught up with Jillian today to address all the rumors.

According to the report on Extratv.com,Johnson claims they slept together after Swiderski proposed to Jillian, and that he sent her salacious text messages! Jillian responded by saying, “It’s not possible, it is absolutely made-up. This is not the ideal situation – I’m gonna agree to that.”

But does Jillian deny that he had any communication with the girls whatsoever? “I know he’s kept in like semi in touch with both of those girls, I’m aware of that.” “This is a bump in the road and we’ll get through it,” she added.”Ed and I are on top of the world right now. I’m in Chicago right now and meeting Ed in Vegas tomorrow. We are so excited to party it up and have fun.”

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