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Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: Season Finale

August 04, 2009 09:46 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight, on the season finale of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,we finally found out if Candy Spelling made good on her word that she would attend Stella’s 1st birthday party. Also, the time has finally come for nanny Patsi to return to her own family and leave the McDermott baby farm, which causes some major depression to hit the household. Keep reading tofind outwhat happens on the dramatic conclusion of Tori & Dean…

It’s the day of Stella’s 1st birthday party and Dean tells Bill that he doesn’t think Candy will show up. Tori Spelling is extremely excited for the party but it looks like it’s going to thunderstorm. However, the rain holds off and the McDermott’s arrive at the backyard turned ladybug wonderland. While at the party, Kim gives Tori a Bellini when she sees her constantly looking over her shoulder in anticipation of her mother’s arrival. Both Dean and Stella are McGrumpypants during the party. Finally, Dean discovers she just needed a bottle, but he isn’t sure what he needs.


[insert crisis] The fire Marshall stops by to tell Dean that they must move one of the papier mache mushrooms. Dean gets into it with them because he cannot understand why on earth it needed to be moved. The lifeguard says that it’s because the mushroom was drawing kids closer to the pool. Dean proceeds to tell him that is why he hired him – to watch the pool.


Tori starts to get sentimental when she takes a picture with Patsi and Stella. Now that Stella is one year old, Patsi will be returning to her own family. Then they wheel in the giant ladybug cake and Stella crawls all over it. Now it’s finally getting to be the end of the day and Tori realizes that her mom isn’t coming.


Dean and Tori talk after the party and she starts crying. She says she’s mad at herself for having hope, but Dean tells her, “I told you so.” Tori tells him she doesn’t know how to stop hoping and he says she needs to be done with it for good. Tori tells him he’s being too harsh and he walks away in frustration. Dean’s sister comes up and comforts Tori.

Tori confides in Scout and while they’re talking, she gets an email from Candy. She tells her that she was very excited to get the invite, but could not come under such “awkward circumstances.” Although Tori is upset that she RSVP’d and didn’t show, she still feels that the email was a good sign.


Then the family gathers to say a tearful goodbye to Patsi. Dean says not to worry because they make good babies, thus Patsi will be back soon. Later on, Dean apologizes to Tori and opens up about his own family. His mother died when he was 15 and his dad was an alcoholic, therefore, he can relate to being hurt and he doesn’t want to see it happening to her. He tells her that he will support whatever decision she makes. Tori goes into her office and says she’s going to deal with the situation privately.


That night, Tori cooks dinner so they can all eat together. During dinner, Dean surprises Tori with a family trip to Mexico. Then they show clips of the children growing up set to sentimental music, and that ungodly music video that Tori & Dean made.

Alas, until next season.


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