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More To Love: Episode Two

August 05, 2009 12:57 AM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of More To Love, the women move into the mansion, while Luke goes on a series of dates. Then, on More To Love, Luke takes one lucky woman to Las Vegas on a luxurious private jet for a gourmet dinner and time alone in a hotel suite. Oh My!

The action began on More To Love, as Emme entered the mansion and told the women they must split into two groups of their choosing to go on group dates with Luke.


Anna and Malissa were designated team captains. Christina was picked last, so she received a rewardâ⬔a one-on-one date with Luke. The other girls were not pleased.


Malissa picked Mandy, Kristian, Danielle, Heather, Bonnie, and Vanessa. Malissa’s group got the first date and ended up on a gorgeous yacht. Heather became lightheaded and vomited over the side of the boat. Poor girl!

Malissa had some alone time with Luke and they kissed. She is very aggressive, and not in a good way. Her manner is abrasive, cocky, and annoying. Let’s hope he doesn’t get too attached to those lips. The other women don’t like her either because she gained all her weight when she was an adult and really doesn’t understand the angst of being a fat child.


In the meantime, Heather was laid out on a sofa taking care of her stomach issues, but Luke soon came to the rescue and comforted her. What a sweetheart!


Kristian also had alone time with Luke and they ate a scrumptious looking dessert. He kissed her on the cheek, but no lip locking was going on.


The next day, Christina got her one on one date with Luke.


They jumped on a private jet and flew to Las Vegas. They ate at a fancy restaurant, had great conversation, and kissed in a private suite. Surprisingly, they didn’t spend the night, and hopped on the jet back to LA.


The next group date was with Anna, Arianne, Amanda, Magali, Melissa, Tali, and Lauren. The group of women was mortified when they heard they were going to a pool party. They really didn’t want to strut around in a swim suit, but Luke took off his shirt and everyone felt more comfortable about their bodies, letting it all hang outâ⬔literally.


This was actually Melissa’s first date, and during alone time with Luke, he gave her a peck on the cheek, which was cute. Hopefully, she’ll get over her shyness.


Lauren, who is very aggressive, unattractive, and extremely unlikable, had alone time with Luke and they shared a kiss. Yuck!


After the dates were over, that evening Luke and the ladies partied down in the mansion by mingling, drinking, and kissing.

Once again, Lauren grabbed Luke’s attention and got him alone to totally disrespect the others. She said Arianne doesn’t want kids, and is old enough to be his momâ⬔c’mon Lauren, Arianne is 37 and looks better than you doâ⬔have you ever heard of the term cougar? Wow!

Lauren also slammed Vanessa saying she was too old for 26-year-old Luke as wellâ⬔but Vanessa at 32 is only 6 years older than the bountiful bachelor! Then, Lauren really put her foot in her mouth when she said that “older ladies” don’t want to have fun. What?! Lauren’s an idiot, for sure.


Finally, the women placed their rings in a bowl and it was time for elimination. Luke called Mandy first, Anna next, then Amanda, Malissa, Christina, Bonnie, Heather, Lauren, Danielle, Tali, Melissa, and finally, Kristian.


That meant that Arianne went home.


Vanessa went home.


And Magali went home.


Don’t miss the next episode when all the women go to the prom with Luke, Melissa whimpers, and Heather opens up about her singing aspirations,

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One Response to “More To Love: Episode Two”

  1. tpetz Says:
    August 5th, 2009 at 7:48 am

    I’ve watched the first two episodes and, honestly, can’t see myself viewing many more. In Episode 2, you could have run the audio track from Episode 1 and it would have made sense. I do, however, think that the concept for the show is a good one (focusing on relationship problems encountered by plus-sized people). There is an interesting article on WriteOnNewJersey.com about this subject. In any event, absent some type of surprise in Episode 3, I doubt that I’ll continue watching the show.


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