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So You Think You Can Dance: Exit Interview With Ade Obayomi

August 05, 2009 12:47 PM by Britteny Elrick


Although he waseliminated from So You Think You Can Dance last week, Ade Obayomi is far from through with his dancing career. Keep reading to see what he told reporters about his time on the show, his toughest challenge,final thoughts on elimination, and words of wisdom to future competitors…

One big thing for me is I’m looking at the past dancers come back this season to do some of the tough routines. What do you view that as, is that an inspiration to you? Do you take anything from that and have you talked to any of the dancers?

A. Obayomi:Yes, it’s always great to see them come back, because it’s like a huge family. We saw everyone from the first season all the way up to the fourth. So when they come back and kind of show that they’re still dancing and they’re still killing it, we kind of look up to them, because we’ve seen the show in the past. It’s great. And they tell us about their experience and that they would do it again. And even though it’s hard when we’re in it, when you leave it, you miss it. So it’s nice to hear that, because we kind of get so tired and wrapped up that we forget that we had this amazing opportunity.

I was wondering which of the styles you did on the show was the toughest for you to pick up.

A. Obayomi:That’s a good one. I’d have to say the ChaCha, just because the technique is so crazy, it’s so intricate and there’s so much stuff that you have to learn in the short amount of time that they give us. So I think that’s the hardest one that I’ve picked out of the hat, to date. So it was a challenge.

Okay, I have one more question for you. Normally I can ask the girls this question, but I’m dying to know, since you made it this far and you had so many dances, what about your costumes, which one was your favorite and which one was your least favorite and why?

A. Obayomi:Word. My least favorite was probably the ChaCha; I cannot pull off red pants. So I had to learn the hard way. My favorite, probably Sonya’s group dance that she did for the top three boys, just because it was kind of different, quirky, weird a little bit with the eye makeup and all that stuff. One of my favorites, just because the pants were comfortable, but they looked good.

I was just also wondering, how shocked were you at your elimination this week.

A. Obayomi:You know we kind of prepare for going home, week in and week out, you’re just liked, “Okay, maybe it’s my turn this week.” I was with Evan and he’s never been in the bottom, so I just didn’t know how to take it. I kind of just â⬔ okay, I have a 50/50 chance here. And I thought I had a little glimmer of hope, maybe I’ll make it. But I was cool leaving, just because the other two dancers are fired and they’ll kill it in the top four. So I’m just happy I made top six, I made it this far and America loved me up until now and it feels good.

We reach an audience of young inspired and aspiring dancers that would probably be contestants at some point on So You Think You Can Dance. What are your words of wisdom for them?

A. Obayomi:Words of wisdom. When you get tired, just keep pushing through, because you might feel tired, but the reward at the end is definitely greater than anything else in the world. So it’s good.

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