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So You Think You Can Dance Finishes Season 5 Strong

August 05, 2009 07:24 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 gives us the final performances from Evan, Brandon, Kayla and Jeanine for the title of America’s Best Dancer. It all comes down to how they perform tonight but you know that America does indeed have their favorites. The unique aspect ofSYTYCD is that performances do rule the day and America is influenced week after week on the heels of great performances. OK, a pun, I know, but I really could not resist.

So, the oh, so gracious host, Cat Deeley, gave us the usual greetings as to the importance of this night and told us that the dancers, Jeanine, Evan, Kayla, and Brandon would each dance together in a partnership as well as solo’s and then we would have our final answer tomorrow and greeted Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman for their comments on the finale.


Before the couples got to their partnerships, a Wade Robson routine all about jocks and cheerleaders got our blood pumping and a sneak-peak at Season 6 rolled by at light speed and it looks as if the fun will be back with us in mere moments.

The First Partnership; Jeanine and Evan

Choreographer Sonja Tayeh had the couple for the first contemporary number and the couple seemed pretty equally matched and Evan really stepped up and matched Jeanine step-by-step. Adam said that he never saw Jeanine and Evan coming but could not imagine the finale without them. Mary added that they were a great partnership but that Jeanine stood out a bit more. Nigel concluded by saying that the stage was big and that the dancers had to match it with performance and personality with Jeanine getting the high marks overall.


The Second Partnership; Brandon and Kayla

After a talk with Cat Deeley about his journey so far, Brandon’s solo was on tap before we got to the Broadway routine that Brandon and Kayla performed from Tyce Diorio. After high marks from the judges about his solo, Brandon was looking to dominate with partner Kayla who really is a strong contender for the title. The couple was stunning with Kayla looking as powerful as Brandon in the routine. Adam pulled a “Mary Murphy” and stood and stomped his feet in approval. Mary said they two were rock stars and dance stars and Nigel said the two were superb together.

The ThirdPartnership; Brandon and Evan

Cat talked to Jeanine about all she would take away from her time on SYTYCD before her solo and by the end of her solo, the judges were on their feet. Adam Shankman said that he was so happy for her and that she was incredible in her solo and then Mary and Nigel said they loved how she has peaked at the right time and Nigel even thought she should be in the final two.


Brandon and Evan were doing a Laurieann Gibson Pop Jazz routine and it was definitely not your daddy’s Pop Jazz routine. Evan did his best to keep up with Brandon but the judges did not think as much. Adam said that Evan was too sweet and not as nasty as Brandon and Mary said that nasty was not Evan’s forte. Nigel added that Evan could just not pull off nasty and that Brandon was stronger in the routine.

The ForthPartnership; Kayla and Jeanine

Mia Michaels had the task of teaching a contemporary routine with the girls and it looked to be another Emmy-nominated routine from Michaels and the girls. As powerful as the two girls danced, I wished we could just give them both the title right here and now. The judges were in awe of the girl’s talent and Adam could not pick out a winner but said it was beautiful. Mary added that it was a relevant piece and felt the girls did a beautiful job and Nigel said that it would stand out as another Mia Michaels memorable routine.

The FifthPartnership; Evan and Kayla

Even did his solo for the final time after a sit-down with Ms. Deeley and managed to be as impressive as he could be to as he went before the judges. While never a powerhouse, Evan is a perennial favorite as he comes across as such a neat guy; essentially someone easy to vote for. Adam said it was an interesting solo; Mary said he was so unique and he has excited a generation with the old-style dancing and Nigel added that he hasn’t grown as much as he has hoped for on the show.


Evan then partnered up with Kayla for their routine by choreographer Tony and Melanie for a Jive and, unless Evan can wow the judges in a big way, he probably will be out early on tomorrow night. Ok, watching the two danced was all well and good, but you could not keep your eyes off of Kayla as she was as hot as a firecracker. Adam said it was not a finale-level routine but Mary disagreed. Mary said that the two were phenomenal but that Evan was playing it safe but that Kayla stole the show. Nigel echoed Mary and said that he loved the country-western Jive routine and that Kayla was excellent.

The SixthPartnership; Brandon and Jeanine

Kayla sat with Cat Deeley before her solo and told Cat how much she has appreciated the great reviews that he judges have given her. After her incredible solo, the judges continued their praise of Kayla with Adam saying that over the season, Kayla has joined the ranks of the best dancers on the show. Mary said she was gifted as a dancer and Nigel said that she was a powerhouse from the beginning and that she justly deserves to win it all.

The final dance of Season 5 ended with two powerhouses together in Brandon and Jeanine finishing out Season 5. A Paso Double routine from choreographer Louis Van Amstel gave the couple and America one last look at what could be the final two, although if I had to pick, I would love to see both the ladies in the final two, giving us a woman winner this year.


Oh my gosh, it was a powerhouse routine and could quite frankly land the duo in the final two as it was tailor made for the pair. The judges and audience were on their feet and Adam Shankman said that the routine had so much strength and power. Mary gave a scream and said it was so very strong and Nigel added that they carried it off and that they were in the front for him slightly edging the other two out.

Tomorrow we will crown a winner and America has a tough decision ahead of themselves and we will see if Brandon and Jeanine do indeed edge out the other two, as Nigel said.

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