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Big Brother 11: A Rotten Rat

August 06, 2009 07:34 PM by Ryan Haidet


With the rat trap ready to snap on Ronnie, he made one of the most despicable final plea speeches I’ve ever seen. His true colors certainly came out as he called one of his houseguests the worst human being he’s ever met. Wow. But that’s not all that came from tonight’s episode of Big Brother 11. The identity of the person who won the new power — the Coup D’Etat — was revealed.

Russell Vs. Chima

Before Ronnie spewed his hatred, Russell seemed to start getting paranoid. He told Michele in the HOH bedroom that he was uncomfortable about all the chatter going on behind his back. That’s when Michele unloaded a bombshell — she told him that Chima had targeted him in the past. After Michele left the HOH bedroom, Russell went to Jessie for some reassurance. “All I know is when I talk to her, she has never once uttered your name,” Jessie said of Chima.

Russell then brought the two people at the center of the accusations together. Michele totally denied the comment she had made toward Russell, which brought a great reaction. He looked completely stunned that she would sit there and act like she didn’t say anything about Chima being a backstabber. In a confessional, Michele said that she felt the information they shared with one another was going to be kept between them — not with the entire house.

When Russell got fired up over the situation, it backfired on him — Chima exploded. The two started a shouting match and even bumped chests as they argued over the situation. Chima was not happy and wanted Russell out of the house at the next possible opportunity.

Jeff Takes The Power


More than 12 million votes were cast within the last week as America was picking one houseguest to award the power of Coup D’Etat. As many fans were hoping, Jeff was the proud recipient. In secret, he learned about his victory and new power in the Diary Room. He was truly thankful and excited with America’s vote.

Now we know that both he and Jordan will be in the house for at least one more week.


Moments before the live voting was set to start, Julie Chen offered Jeff (without revealing his identity to the rest of the house) the chance to use his new power in which he could change one or both of the nominees. Jeff sat still as eyes darted around the living room waiting to see what was about to happen. With Jeff holding his power for one more week, the nominations of Ronnie and Lydia stayed intact.

Rat’s Rally

As is customary, each of the two nominees had the chance to plead their case before the final vote. Lydia’s statements were worthless and boring, but Ronnie really tried to shake up the house with his final statements. As he thanked Big Brother for putting him in the game, he got quite emotional and fought back tears as he spoke. He also thanked Jessie for helping him lose 20 pounds so far this summer.

Then the crap hit the fan.


He said that his wife has always told him to see the best in people, but he couldn’t refrain from turning something positive into something horrid. “There is so much good in all of you — except for you Michele,” Ronnie said as he pointed a finger in her direction. But he didn’t stop there. He continued by saying she is “the worst human being I have ever had the misfortune of meeting and I absolutely feel sorry for you.”

Allow me to interject. This simply sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. Michele outplayed you, bud. Sorry. I know she didn’t save you this week with her Power Of Veto — but maybe it’s because you had lied and deceived her several times in the game up to that point. It’s gameplay, and you were served up some rat poison that you couldn’t swallow like an honorable player. You took the game and made it personal, which showed you truly are a sore loser. Get over it! You lost. It’s a game. You loved to dish out the drama when you had the power to do so, but when it was your turn to face elimination, you couldn’t handle it.


Michele may not be the best player to grace the Big Brother screen, but you certainly couldn’t beat her. So go down in a blaze of glory, huh? Make yourself look even worse than you already do? Unbelieveable.

Eviction Time

Enough of my ranting for the moment — there is still an eviction to talk about. Each of the houseguests entered the Diary Room and submitted their vocal ballot. Nearly split down the middle, Ronnie was able to get three votes on his side from Natalie, Chima and Jessie. But it wasn’t enough — four votes fell against him and he became the fourth player evicted.

Ronnie walked around and gave his goodbye hugs saying, “It’s just a game.” SCREEECH! Hold on just one second! It’s just a game?!?!?! Then why are you hating Michele so much and turning things against her personally? Five minutes ago you ripped her apart on live television saying how horrible of a person she is, but now you’re saying it’s just a game. Contradict yourself much? Seriously? I thought you were bad before, but after tonight you honestly could be the biggest jerk on reality television ever.

As he walked out of the house, Michele said that she never had anything against him. It seemed like a gesture to try and make amends, because Michele truly looked stunned by his remarks. But instead of trying to be polite and end things on a good note, Ronnie told her to be quiet and scampered out of the house in true ratty style.

But it gets better.


When he sat down for his elimination chat with Julie, she asked him why he was so harsh in his final statements. Ronnie claimed he felt that way about Michele because she had no true loyalties to anybody in the house. Should I reiterate? It’s just a game. Why make it personal? Call her out for being a terrible human being on live television because she held no loyalties in a reality show? She’s a bad person because she’s playing a certain strategy her own way? That makes a whole lot of sense.


As his chat with Julie continues, she pointed out that it’s possible the same thing could be said about his gameplay in the house since he lied to virtually everybody. Thanks, Julie!

So I’m going to sum up my rant (honestly this time). Ronnie, you delivered some great fights and drama in the house, which as a fan, I truly appreciate. I wish you the best, because when you get home and read all of the things people are saying about you online, I’m sure it will be tough to handle. I bet you’re a cool person outside of the house, but in the game you certainly lived up to your label — a rat.

Advice From Viewers

Last night, Kevin found a button in the backyard and when he pushed it, the voices of viewers erupted. From that moment, they were hearing advice from Big Brother fans who were singing and cracking jokes. But it was more than just fun and games — those remarks were crucial to the HOH competition.

After the series of questions were asked about the viewer comments, Chima won HOH. Her new enemy — Russell — was forced to hand off the power, which could signify the start of his demise in the game. Chima has made it clear she wants him out of the house, but maybe Jeff will decide to use his new power to save Russell if she does in fact nominate him for eviction.


It sure is getting interesting.

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