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Holidate: Houston & Los Angeles

August 06, 2009 12:43 AM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s Holidate, Jacky from Los Angeles, and Cynthia from Houston exchanged locations to find romance and, just maybe, the love of their lives. The men were hot, the women were eager, and the Holidates were fun and exciting.

Jacky is an LA woman and ready for a Holidate.She is a software specialist writing a romance novel. She wouldn’t say her age, which was a bit lame, but she tried to imply she was 25â⬔but there’s no way that’s possible. She has to be at least 30, but she is still very cute.


Cynthia is from Houston, and is 38â⬔but she actually looked 25! She is gorgeous and works as a freelance journalist and a cosmetic company executive.


The women met each other over the Net using a video conference to tell each other what they were looking for in a man, so each could set the other up with 3 different guys. Next, they flew off to the other’s city for their adventure.

Jacky’s first date was with Ryan, an architect. He was really tall and very cute. Unfortunately, his birthday is in March, and Jacky doesn’t like Pisces for some reason, so right off the bat she wasn’t sure about the date. They walked to the zoo and fed the animals and as time went on, she really began to like him. She actually said the date was once of greatest experiences of her life! Wow!


Cynthia’s first date was with Lon who was born and raised in Los Angeles. She met him at Whitman Airport and then whisker her away in a red helicopter to take her downtown to for a delicious meal. They flew past the Hollywood sign and the view was gorgeous. He was totally hot, and they had a lot in common.


Rob was the second date for Jacky. He was raised in Maine, was in the Navy and has lived a full and fascinating life. She met him in the heart of the city and they had a bowling alley all to themselves. He was a bit shy at first, but then showed her some great photos he had taken from different places around the world. As a parting gift, he actually gave her a gorgeous photo he had taken in Kurdistan. Awesome!


Cynthia’s second date was with Nate who is in sales and travels. Nate was really tall and seemed like a nice guy. They took a hike in the Hollywood Hills and ended up at a restaurant that was closed, but opened for themâ⬔they even had a private chef! Nice! Cynthia learned Nate was of the Mormon faith and she is Christian, so she felt that may be an obstacle.


Jacky’s third date was with Sam, who was a native Texan. They went to The Mad Potter to throw pottery. Everything was going well, until he brought up the fact she went on a date with his friend Ryan. She felt a little uncomfortable, but they moved on from there and ended up at a bar where they drank and danced and had a good time.


Cynthia’s last date was with Jasyn, who was originally from Houstonâ⬔Cynthia’s home. He worked in sales until about 2 months ago, when he became a fitness model. He is 29, but likes older women. He came roaring up Pacific Coast Highway on a Harley, which she loved. He had a gorgeous face and beautiful eyes and Cynthia was smitten. They had a bite to eat and then rode off together on the Harley. They ended up at the beach and he fed her strawberries and chocolate. Yummy! Jasyn said he didn’t care about age, and what mattered were feelings. After their time together was over, he said it was the best first date he ever had.


Next, the women decided which man they would give a plane ticket so he could visit them on their home turf. Jacky chose Ryan to give a ticket to Los Angeles.


Cynthia picked Jason to give a plane ticket to Houston.


Jason was so sweet and said he would have come too see her without the ticket, and they shared a kiss.


As a result, Ryan is planning to visit Jacky in Los Angeles soon, while Jasyn is currently visiting Cynthia in Houston and is making plans to introduce her to his family.

Don’t miss next week’s episode when Jasmine from Miami, and Jessica from Boston switch cities, and Jessica meets Dr. Dreamy,

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Photo Credit: SOAPnet

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