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So You Think You Can Dance Chooses A Season 5 Winner

August 06, 2009 07:36 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance finishes with a bang as we crown either Brandon or Jeanine, according to Nigel Lythgoe, as the winner of Season 5, but I guess we will see what America thinks in the end. As with all finale wrap-ups, the two-hour finale promises us some of the season’s favorite performances as well as the Top 10 strutting their stuff before they head out on tour along with some performances that will probably make no sense in the finale of a dance show. But no matter how it all ends, this has been one of the best seasons ever ofSYTYCD and we can safely say that we will probably see all of the top 4 in the future helping with the next crop of dancers on their way to the top.

The Top 20 gave us a pretty cool performance before the lovely Cat Deeley strutted out on to theSYTYCD stage. It is funny how we have forgotten most of the dancers, but they looked good in the routine. Cat Deeley then took the stage and announced that 21.5 million votes were logged last night and welcomed seven of the choreographers who managed to get seated at the judges table.


A season retrospect flashed before us as we saw the good and the bad of the auditions and then into the highlights of the season getting us to the Top 4. Cat promised us surprises along the way, but we know it is all just hype until 3 minutes before the show ends to see which one has claimed the top spot.

Last night’s performances were spotlighted and then the judge’s favorites were showcased starting with a Hip-Hop form Jeanine and Phillip from Adam and then Nigel gave us an Argentine Tango from Jeanette and Brandon as his fav.


Debbie Allen picked a waltz performed by Asuka and Vitolio and Mary Murphy wanted to see the Travis Wall choreographed routine by Jeanine and Jason. Mia Michaels picked a Samba from Max and Kayla and Debbie Allen picked a group routine from the Top 16 that she wanted to see again.


After a break where Cat Deeley teased us with results of some kind, she did not deliver but instead gave us the Top dancer from Australia’sSYTYCD for a quick routine from choreographer Sonya Tayeh. Lil ‘C then pontificated about why he liked the Bollywood dance from Caitlyn and Jason and then, finally, we got our first glimpse at the Top 4. Cat Deeley then announced that Kayla was, shockingly, in fourth place, which I did not see coming at all.

Adam Shankman loved the Butt Dance from Randi and Evan choreographed by Mia Michaels, and who didn’t like that one, and Mary Murphy liked the Paso Double that Jeanine and Brandon did just last night, which looked as though it might have sent them to the final two. After the two finished, Evan joined Brandon and Jeanine and was immediately told that he was in third place, which had Nigel proving that he knows what he was talking about when he said it was between Brandon and Jeanine for the title.


Nigel picked the routine from Mia Michaels about addiction from Kayla and Kopono and then the little kids who danced, called the Rage Boys Crew, came back for another crack at dancing immortality. They were definitely cute little fellas, I must admit.

Tyce Diorio loved a Disco routine by Brandon and Jeanette that was as crazy as any Disco we have ever seen on the show and, even though Cat said we would be crowning the winner after the break, she surely didn’t mean this break as we still had twenty-five minutes left to go in the show.


Cat saved the best routine for last and it was the touching breast cancer routine danced by Ade and Melissa and choreographed by Tyce Diorio that had everybody in tears. We then had a special dance that had the Top 8 dancers doing a number from A Chorus Line with the addition of the judges to cap off the end of the number. Just some plain ‘ole fun onSYTYCD.


Finally, with all of the shenanigans out of the way, we got to the final results. Cat Deeley, with as much drama as she could muster, announced that we had ourselves a new top dancer in the “Peaking at the right moment” Jeanine, who clearly was a dynamic force all season long, along with Brandon, who truly was a force to be reckoned with.

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