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Big Brother 11: Surprise At The Door

August 09, 2009 07:13 PM by Ryan Haidet


After Ronnie’s big eviction last week, tonight’s episode of Big Brother got pretty boring. It all started with the power of Head Of Household switching hands to Chima. She was ready to use the week to target Russell although her allies (Jessie and Natalie) wanted to keep him safe. But that’s not all, actor Jeremy Piven dropped by to introduce the prize for the luxury competition where one contestant walked away with $10,000 in cool cash.

The most compelling thing from tonight’s episode was seeing the other side of Chima. When she finally got to see her HOH bedroom, she read a letter from her mother who is battling an illness. Chima was so encouraged to hear the words of inspiration her mother had jotted down.


Later on, Chima revealed to the houseguests that she had once been raped by a serial killer, who has since been executed for his crimes. She opened up about the experience and revealed how horrific it was, but discussed how she was able to stay strong.

Somebody At The Door

The doorbell rang and in walked actor Jeremy Piven. He really surprised everybody and energized the house as he pounded them with questions and jokes. But he wasn’t just there to be funny, he quickly revealed the prize for the upcoming luxury competition. The winning team would get the chance to watch a screening of his upcoming movie with one person nabbing a significant cash prize.

Moments later, the houseguests trodded into the backyard where they saw a set up that was reminiscent of a weird garage sale. In a grab-and-stuff match, the houseguests were separated into two teams. After five minutes, and the points were tallied up, the team of Russell, Jessie, Natalie and Lydia won the contest and are the “Haves” for the week. The winning team then randomly chose envelopes with differing amounts of cash — Russell winning the ultimate prize of $10,000.

Predictable Nominations

With Lydia and Russell both on Chima’s bad side, it was no surprise they were the two targeted for eviction. Even though Russell had tried to sway Chima’s opinion by apologizing for his comments in a recent fight, it obviously didn’t work.


Let’s just hope the rest of the Big Brother week isn’t as boring and Jeff doesn’t let his power of Coup D’Etat go to waste.


It sure is getting interesting.

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