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HGTV Design Star And A Double Elimination

August 09, 2009 08:39 PM by DA Southern


HGTV Design Star blows into week four with a rumored double-elimination as redesign of two garages was on the agenda in tonight’s episode. With a tight budget of $10,000 and a mere 20 hours to complete the task, we will probably look forward to some unfinished elements of the design which will probably send one or more of the designers home and leave the judges frowning in disgust. Of course, the usual drama inevitably will accompany the project and it should prove interesting to see who is grace under pressure.

We have seen three designer’s show get cancelled due to bad “home” design, i.e. the one they were living in, bad “kitchen” design, where one team didn’t even finish, and bad “white room with nothing in it but a couch and a table” design, so tonight’s garage redesign should be a piece of cake, right? Well, probably not so much.


HGTV Design Star host, Clive Pearse, greeted the eight remaining designers for the garage makeover and let me hear one more time somebody whining about being picked last for a team and I swear I am going to wallpaper them all. Designers are an egotistical bunch anyway, but being picked last is not an indication of your design ability, well, except for Tashica; that girl has almost been eliminated three weeks in a row. OK, I take back the wallpaper remark, I guess.

OK, Clive did indeed say that it was a double elimination and then sent the teams off to meet their clients. Jany, Antonio, Torie and Jason had a pretty ambitious goal with the Caswell garage and were anxious to meet their client’s desires, although the clients were very ambitious. The Lang garage team of Dan, Nathan and Lonnie were totally not in sync with Tashica, who noticed that she did not seem to be listened to and was copping an attitude already.


Poor Antonio was once again doing all of the grunt work for his team but did have the other team members finally getting confident with some power tools enough to pitch in. Over in the Lang garage, the argument over the garage door was driving me crazy and should have been replaced, but the designers decided to nix that idea.

Day 2 – Ten Hours of Design Time

Day 2 found he designers with ten hours of work ahead and neither team feeling comfortable with their progress. Lonnie and Nathan were off to shop for their designs as were Jany and Torie for their team. Torie was griping that Jany was a mill-stone around her neck while shopping and back at the Lang garage, Tashica was holding Dan back with her inability to build anything as she continues to show why she will never win this show. At the end of Day 2, the Caswell garage looked pretty good but the Lang garage left a lot to be desired with two hours to finish the next day.


DAY 3 – Two Hours Left

The Lang garage was in big trouble and the Caswell garage was a disaster and didn’t look like it was going to be finished, even to the point that with an hour left, the Lang garage crew said they were not going to be able to assemble one of the elements the family wanted; a piece of exercise equipment. Dan’s team did not finish their garage completely but the Caswell garage was completely done with all of the design elements completed.

The Elimination Room

Judges Candice Olson, Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder were ready to give the teams a smack-down with their design critique and Team Caswell was first to be spotlighted. The Caswell’s loved their garage design and the colors of the design. The Caswell’s did not seem to mind that the elliptical machine was not put together as they were admiring the other design elements of the redesign, including a new garage door. Candice said the space looked predictable ad Vern did not see the sophisticated feel that the clients wanted. Genevieve loved the floors that Antonio did but questioned the height of the wainscoting.


Team Lang stepped forward for their bitch-slapping that they would inevitability be getting. The Lang’s were fairly impressed but said that it was not what they thought but were not pleased that they did not get a new garage door. Tashica stepped up and said that she wanted a new garage door but the other designers said that it was not true. The judges pretty much hated the room but Genevieve said she appreciated the warmth of the room. Vern questioned Tashica’s input as to what she did in the room and said that he wondered why they keep having her back week after week. She is so going home.

In a rare confab, the judges didn’t even have the designers leave the room before telling Tashica that she was history and then the other designers were sent to the green room as the judges deliberated who else would be going. The designers started nit-picking at each other as the judges reamed several designers but we didn’t know who was being trashed.


The designers stepped back into the room for the dramatic “Your show has been cancelled” remark from Clive as he had them step forward for the decision. First up were Antonio and Dan and were both announced as safe. Lonnie, Jason and Torrie were said that none of them took the lead but they were moving on. Jany and Nathan were left and Jani was called uninspiring and Nathan was said to have more ideas than execution. In the end, Jany was sent packing because she was too predictable in her overall design style.

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2 Responses to “HGTV Design Star And A Double Elimination”

  1. GodisijeaGrace Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    So there’s no more “color” represented on this season’s Design Star competition. My heart goes out to the ladies that were eliminated. However, I have to say the “way” Tacheca was eliminated was just so very disappointing. I know I may be just naive, and I don’t believe the hype when it comes to the entertainment business, but all that “blond” left on the show…well, let’s just say it’s bad enough there is little to no color on HGTV. Having to watch that level of “white privilege” and down right smug behavior/attitude made me sick my stomach.

  2. hankcat1 Says:
    August 15th, 2009 at 7:59 am

    The two ladies that are gone was yes in deed the right choice Tashica was all mouth and no design


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