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There Goes the Neighborhood: Lights Out!

August 09, 2009 07:01 PM by Candace Young


As we watch members of eight families react to seeing 20-foot walls erected outside their homes, host Matt Rogers explains that these people will soon lose their electricity as well, as they begin competing to win $250,000 on CBS’s new reality television show, There Goes the Neighborhood. The families are completely cut off from the outside world. Before the competition has even begun, the families, close friends and neighbors, are trash talking one another,to see what happens once the lights go out, keep reading,

A massive door is the only way out of this neighborhood, and once a family is out – they’ve lost. Cameron Johnston, who considers himself the intellectual of the entire group, predicts that the Mullennix family will be the first out, explaining that Chris is a basket case, and that the family will likely have difficulty working together.

The Mullennix family consists of two moms, and two teenage boys. Friction begins early on, when the moms’ vision of bonding fails to materialize. But all that becomes secondary when the electricity suddenly goes off – and it begins to sink in to the citizens of the neighborhood that they can no longer cook – and will have to cope without air conditioning!

Come morning, there is copious amounts of whining when televisions won’t turn on and there are no hot showers. The father and son team over at the DeGiralamo family home try to stay civil as they struggle to open windows. Host Matt Rogers helps the mood along by paying a visit to remind everyone that they will no longer be able to charge their cell phones!

Soon, it’s time for the first challenge, Hose Down. A fire truck pulls up and the host explains that each family member will take turns putting on a shirt coated in Mississippi mud – the other family members must unravel the hose and spray the others clean. The clean shirts will reveal numbers, which must be put in the correct order to unlock the family flag for the win.

The Nelson family win the Hose Down to become the first Kings of the Neighborhood! Their gift? A refrigerator freezer run by a generator and full of drinks. The bad news? The family has the unenviable task of deciding on two other families whose names will be put up to be voted out by the others this week.

In the Nelson garage, gloating and celebrating is happening. Predictably, the visitors soon start rolling in, being as friendly as can be! Political lobbying ensues as neighbors whisper about who is more of a threat, who is a closer friend, and how they will live together after all is said and done!

The Nelson family debates over which two families to hang out to dry at the first Neighborhood Meeting, worrying about the ramifications of each option. Matt the host calls the families to the meeting. He asks the Nelson family to name the first family to potentially be eliminated. The Nelson’s name the DeGiralamo family, based on competitiveness. The second is the Mullennix family, and it’s based on a strategy that the Nelson’s prefer not to reveal right now. Chris Mullennix is hurt and upset.

Each of the other families have a picture of the two families up for elimination, and must choose one to support and keep in the game. The families separate to make their decisions, and then return to the Neighborhood Meeting.

Host Matt Rogers gets ready to tally the votes of support – The DeGiralamo family is kicked out of the game. They wish the other families luck, and boast about how everyone was afraid of them, before leaving through the big door!

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