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Dating In The Dark: Episode Four

August 10, 2009 11:20 PM by Cindy Adams


On this episode of Dating In The Dark, the mansion was home to six new singles for four days, as they met each other in complete darkness to learn if personality means more than looks. The couples also were given the opportunity to do a little dirty dancing while Dating In The Dark!

The first single to enter the Dating In the Dark mansion was Jeff, an aerospace engineer who has been hurt in the past. He seemed like a nice guy, is 23, and said his career intimidates women.


Next to enter the house was Amit, who is 29 and originally from Israel. He is an Internet marketing consultant and said when he was young, girls used to see him as a geek until he started working out and changed his looks.


Cormac is 32 and works as a paramedic. He said due to his job, he appreciates every moment he has in life and is looking for a girl who does the same.


The first woman to enter the mansion was Shannon, who is 24, and the brand manager for a margarita company. Her parents and grandparents were married forever and she wants a guy with old fashioned values.


Misty owns her own marketing and management company and is 35. She has tried to meet guys online and it hasn’t worked out. She wants someone trustworthy, yet goofy.


Kelly is a product coordinator/waitress and her longest relationshiponly lasteda year. She is 25 and believes the connection between two people should be more than physical.


First, the singles met up in a pitch black dark room for a group date. They introduced themselves, and found out one another’s likes and dislikes. Afterward, most of the women were attracted to Cormac, while the men were split on who they liked best.


Next the men and women were given the chance to see a video tour of each other’s housesâ⬔just as they left them before leaving for the mansion. Misty’s home was gorgeous and looked like something out of Home and Garden magazine; Kelly’s house was nice and her kitchen looked like she liked to bake; Shannon’s place was disgusting, messy, and ant infested. Amit’s house looked like he lived with his parents; Jeff’s place was very feminine; and Cormac had a surfboard and a guitar, and his place was most masculine.

Next the singles were allowed to invite one another on dates. Amit and Misty invited each other and had a great connection. Shannon invited Cormac and the first thing he mentioned were the ants in her home. She said she felt bad about killing them and they had become pets. Weird! Jeff invited Shannon and asked her how much she spent on her hair. When she replied, “$15,” he said she was a winner. Cormac and Kelly invited each other and they had so much in commonâ⬔they are both surfers and into yoga. How Zen!

More dates ensued as Misty and Jeff dated and it was terrible; Kelly and Amit gave it a go and their conversation went flat; and Cormac and Misty attempted a date, but there was no chemistry.

The singles were then told who they were most compatible with. Kelly was compatible with Cormac; Misty with Amit; and Shannon with Jeff.

For their first compatibility date, Jeff brought Shannon chocolate and fruit. Delicious! He cut his finger making the food and she kissed his finger and his face. He didn’t know it until he was back with the guys, but he had lipstick all over his face. That was hilarious.


Misty brought a hula hoop and Amit brought boxing gloves to their compatibility date. They hula-hooped it up and had fun. But then they settled back and talked.


Cormac brought his guitar to his compatibility date with Kelly. He sang her a song and she was totally wooed by Cormac, and even said he was sexy.


It was time for the final dates, and unlike other episodes, this time it was a theme dateâ⬔dancing in the dark. Each compatibility match invited the other and Shannon and Jeff entered the dark room first. As they began to dance, Shannon thought he was a bit too aggressive and trying to get “naughty.” She said he intimidated her. He asked for a kiss and she agreed to a little, quick one.


Amit and Misty were both good dancers, but she realized when she got close to him that he was shorter than she was and she said she’s not used to that.


Kelly and Cormac tried to dance, but they both had two left feetâ⬔which equaled four left feet or a big mess. Before they parted, they shared a romantic kiss.

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One Response to “Dating In The Dark: Episode Four”

  1. Denise Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    I debated whether to post here or not, kind of over this and moving on, but when I read that the article said Jeff seemed like a nice guy, decided to post some info … WARNING: what you see on reality TV, isn’t always reality! Be careful.

    My daughter dated Jeff for about 3 years, in fact, they were together as BF/GF when Jeff headed to the house for filming. Filming began right after Valentine’s weekend, Jeff and his gf (my daughter) had spent V-day weekend together.

    We watched the episode in hysterics, and sometimes in disbelief!! And now our answer of how real is reality TV may be a little more clear for us. And it is more fun and entertaining to watch when you really know someone and have background info on them and the show. ABC really should not be advertising that this is an experiment on whether looks matter, though.

    While the show says participants didn’t know their homes were going to be filmed, Jeff was given 3 days notice before they were going to film his home, as well as a call shortly before they arrived. My daughter was there when they filmed his house, so they told her to pick up all her stuff … the teddy bear is something she gave him a couple years ago. Point is, with plenty of warning that filming crews were on the way, particpants had time to stage their homes if they wanted to.

    The most humorous part of the show for us was probably when Jeff started listing all the things he does. He hasn’t surfed in the 3+ years we’ve known him, he kayaked once over 2 years ago in Belize w/ my daughter, and only snowboarded once, maybe twice, this past winter (although he did use to go more often), training for a marathon – he did actually do a 1/2 marathon last Spring … now the beer pong is something I guess he does more regularly LOL

    Oh, and the part about being judged for being an aerospace engineer, funny … He had just recently graduated, finished his senior/masters project late October 08, started his job Nov 08 (then his employer closed for Christmas and he was off for 3-4 weeks), so he’d only actually been on the job for about 2 1/2 months ahead of filming in Feb 09! And during that time, was in a relationship which did not judge him based on his career. We were cracking up about his seriousness when he said he was judged by girls based on his career. If he doesn’t brag about his occupation, he won’t be judged on it – simple. However, at the time of filming, he hadn’t had time to learn whether his career intimidates women.

    The sketch he had the artist draw … it looked more like my daughter (who is very pretty)! Other people we know said the same thing.

    At the end when he said he entered the house single, false, but interesting he’s the only participant that has felt the need to make that comment … however, my daughter sent him a break up email while he was there filming, we are wondering if he got it while he was in the house and that helped him w/ his decision to wait on the balcony for Shannon … although Shannon’s personality does seem to fit him better than my daughter. But as soon as he got home from filming, he started trying to make up w/ my daughter – and up to about a week ago, he still hasn’t totally quit trying to contact her or be involved in her life somehow.

    Right after filming, he tried to convince us that Shannon leaving him was scripted (for my daughter’s benefit which still doesn’t make sense). For a while, he had also said nothing had happened between him and anyone – did he think they wouldn’t edit to show them kissing and dancing?

    And now, about 6 months later, up until about a week ago, he was still trying to contact my daughter even though she’d requested no contact, and he had what he referred to as “my [his] sources” reporting to him what my daughter was up to (since he lives 3+ hours away now), and there’s more wierd stuff. Nice guy? Hmm, a lot of what he’s done to my daughter since she broke up w/ him is kind of creepy.

    We’ve learned that how much reality is in reality TV, seems that who the participants are could play a large part in that answer.


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