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Great American Road Trip: Vegas Baby!

August 10, 2009 06:09 PM by Candace Young


The final three families prepare to carry on down Route 66 on NBC’s Great American Road Trip - the Pollards, the DiSalvatores and the Cootes. The families are in Sedona, Arizona and are headed to the Road Kill Cafà to eat! The DiSalvatores head out with the sole female in the family, Amy, ranting and raving about the mess of the motorhome, and proclaiming that she can’t do this anymore!

The Pollards arrive at the Roadkill Cafà first and order. The Cootes pull in with their boy hollering, “I want meat. I want roadkill!” The Coote family watches with interest as the Pollards and DiSalvatores decide to split up, letting the men drive with the men!

The Cootes’ RV hits an awning on the way out, but soon they’re on their way. The driving is a little dicey in the Pollard ‘women’s’ RV, and in the DiSalvatore RV, the men have branded their machine ‘the Bro Bus’, and are planning a sleepover!

Amie Pollard explains to the camera that they’re crossing over into Nevada, and that today is the day they send the Cootes family packing! Over in the ‘Bro Bus’ tensions rise when Italian Silvio has trouble understanding what Keith Pollard is saying with his southern accent!


At the Hoover Dam, host Reno Collier greets the families and informs them that their challenge is to make a hydroelectric dam of their own today! The Pollards go first, trying to assemble a series of pipes. They begin strong, but it is more difficult than it looks, and they finish with a final time of 20 minutes and 33 seconds. The DiSalvatores are next. Amy laments that most Italians are plumbers – but they’re not! After a lot of doubt, and 27 minutes and 34 seconds later, the DiSalvatores celebrate success. Last up are the Cootes, who complete the task in 19 minutes and 7 seconds – and beat the other two families to become King of the Road!

Host Reno Collier tells the families that no one is going home this week – but they are going to Vegas! The Pollard family, who is sick of being beat by the Cootes family, say that they know the final challenge won’t be for elimination, but they will be determined to win any way.

The families roll into Vegas hanging out the windows, and taking copious amounts of pictures. They wind up in a theater, where Reno announces that he will be performing a magic trick he learned only eight minutes ago! After his dubious performance, he introduces Penn & Teller the famous magicians. Penn comes out and calls Keith Cootes and Ron Pollard to the stage where they are put into a cage together. It is covered in fabric. When it’s pulled off – Teller is revealed and the fathers have disappeared!

The remaining members of the Cootes and Pollard families are then given their challenge – they must use clues and find their fathers. The winner gets a night of luxury in a Vegas hotel! The first clue is ‘Circus Circus’ – they’re off! At the famous venue, they jump out of their cars and start breaking the clowns’ balloons! Each ballon contains little blue tiles with letters that they will use to spell the name of a hotel. The Pollards leap back into the car when they get the name Excaliber. At the Excaliber, the Cootes spell out Mandalay Bay with the swords. The Pollards are directly behind them. At Mandalay Bay, the Pollards are the first to get a room key, but the Cootes are hot on their heels. The men waiting inside the hotel room look over as the door opens – it’s the Pollards!

The overjoyed Pollard family gets to stay in the room, and get $500 to spend as well! The Cootes family is sour as the Pollards check out their digs for the night. But the Pollards want to share – they ask if they can invite the other families up. The Cootes decide to stay in their motorhome, but the DiSalvatores join the Pollards gladly.

Next week, Great American Road Trip will be narrowed down to just two families, as NBC’s competition to win the $100,000 grand prize continues!

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