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Jon & Kate: Kitchen Renovation & Beach Trip

August 10, 2009 07:02 PM by Ryan Haidet


After the announcement of their separation, it seems nobody can stop talking about the drama surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin. The hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 finally returned to TLC last Monday following a short hiatus, which came right after the couple filed for divorce. The well-known interview couch has vanished and now the two parents do their chats with producers separately. The story structure of the show has also changed — depicting how Jon and Kate each deal with parenting while going through the process of divorce.

Last week left off with Kate taking the eight kids on a vacation to Bald Head Island in North Carolina. Their absence allowed more room for the crews who were renovating the Gosselin family kitchen back home in Pennsylvania.

Jon was overseeing the kitchen project, which also gave the pair a break from the stress they were having with each other. But even though he may not have missed Kate much, Jon was certainly missing the kids. He said it was almost boring not waking up to the sounds of the kids running around the house.

Breakfast At The Beach

As the youngsters woke up early one morning at the beach, they chowed down on a huge breakfast. “To them it was a really really big treat,” Kate said. But as they all sat and ate, they couldn’t stop from talking about their dad who was back at home working on the kitchen.


And the thoughts of Jon passed through Kate’s mind, too. In one of her interviews she said the whole situation was different. She said it felt weird packing alone and being the sole adult making the decisions for the group. Kate also realized that while she can do whatever possible to make the kids happy, she can’t fill the void left by Jon when he isn’t present at the vacations and other trips.

Painting With Pudding

In a previous episode when the family took a vacation, Kate concocted her now-famous plan to have the kids paint their bodies with chocolate pudding. After mixing up two big bowls of the gooey snack-turned-art, Kate realized she was missing a vital aspect — the paintbrushes. But the kids didn’t seem to mind and started slathering the pudding all over each other. After the filthy pudding-covered kids were done dousing themselves in chocolate, they hosed off and the artwork was complete.


Back Home

The two oldest kids came back from the beach a few days early so they could finish off their last few days of school before summer vacation. When they got out of the car, they were stunned to see Jon wearing earrings again. In an interview, Jon said it certainly wasn’t a mid-life crisis, but a part of his life he wanted to bring back. “This is who I am and this is who I’m gonna be,” he said.

A few days later, the rest of the Gosselin clan arrived home to see the newly renovated kitchen. While the kids were excited by the big change, it took Kate a bit of time before warming up to the switch. After walking around and checking it all out, Kate said she finally was able to appreciate the new kitchen design.

Far less drama in tonight’s episode, but it certainly is interesting to watch how the show has progressed in the last few seasons.

Images courtesy of TLC.

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