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America’s Got Talent 08/11/09: The Second Round Of The Quarter-finals

August 11, 2009 08:07 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on America’s Got Talent, 12 more acts performed for a chance to go on to the semi-finals. As the battle continued for the 1 million dollars and a chance to perform in Las Vegas, the guns were blazing as it was now or never for the acts to show that they had what it takes to be the very best.


Nick Cannon asked the crowd if they were ready for a crazy night as 12 acts would be dwindled down to 5 tonight. The judges were introduced in a blazing light show; Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff. As everyone was ready, they got down to it with the first act tonight, the Fab Five. These sisters grew up on a dairy farm and milked cows by day and danced by night. Their rehearsals have been a challenge as they live in 3 States, but they were ready to give the crowd everything they had. They danced to 911 and they were FANTASTIC! They put their heart and souls into their routine tonight including fire poles to boot! Piers Morgan said that they are 5 ladies and they are fabulous. Sharon Osbourne thought that their routine was a brilliant way to start the show tonight and I totally agreed. David Hasselhoff said that he was going to put his house on fire and hoped that they would put him out!


Next Charles DeWayne came out to sing for the audience tonight. When he was younger, he started out in school with sports, but his love was music. Tonight he chose a song that was famous and well known. His risk paid off as he was charming and smooth with his vocals. His piano playing was wonderful as well. Sharon Osbourne said that it was great to see him on the stage tonight, but she thought that the song was not a good choice for the show. David Hasslehoff agreed and asked Charles to play out more to the audience. Piers Morgan said he was shocked by his fellow judges comments…kidding! He did say that Charles could be a major star though for sure.

A true dancing queen hit the stage next, Carol Loo. She was going to do steps that she had never done in her life as she felt that it was her moment. Her routine was ridiculous at best, especially the Push It part. The back-up dancers were nice to watch though andI have to admit, Carol has a rockin’ body for someone her age. David Hasslehoff commented that she kept up with the girls on stage, but Piers Morgan had a hard time finding positives to say to her and didn’t enjoy the routine at all. Sharon Osbourne commented that she thought that Carol was Madonna coming down in the cage tonight and at 63 years of age her dancing was different, but fantastic.


Next up were the dymnamic duo of Tony Hoard and his dog Rockin’ Rory. The pair were out to win this thing and that is what they were hoping to prove tonight. I liked the beach scene and the fact that the dog was in a Life Guard costume along with his master. They received one buzzer from Piers Morgan, but their routine continued to the end. Piers Morgan said that the routine wasn’t amazing as the dog missed almost all of the frisbees thanks to his handler not throwing well. Sharon Osbourne would not say a bad thing about the dog and David Hasselhoff said that Rory rocks and he loved the Bay Watch theme!

Eleisha Miller was working 24/7 to improve her singing ability this week. She was ready to do her very best tonight. She began her routine by playing the piano and then danced on the top of the thing to I’ve Got The Music In Me. Her singing ability had improved this week, but not enough for Piers Morgan who buzzed her. Sharon Osbourne asked the girl if she enjoyed the dancing, however she had a couple of problems on the vocals. David Hasselhoff said that he loved her energy and Eleisha makes everyone feel terrific. Piers Morgan was asked by Nick Cannon if he was in a bad mood because he was buzzer happy tonight. He told her to fire her vocal teacher as he wasn’t sure if vocals was the way to go for her.


Paradizo Dance was strength and beauty in motion. Zoe’s ability to lift her husband David was incredible. David Hasslehoff said he wished he could vote as he would vote for them. Piers Morgan said that their act was incredible. Sharon Osbourne commented that she loved the show America’s Got Talent because it gives people a stage to show their unique talent and Paradizo is definately unique.

The Texas Tenors were cattle ranchers meet country music and they had the looks, the talent and tonight the song when they performed God Bless The USA. Piers Morgan said that their song was one of the cheesiest things he had ever seen, but vocally it was a stunning act and the audience loved it. Sharon Osbourne loved the Patrioticness of the song. David Hasslehoff thought that singing a nice ballad would bring the guys through to the finals and they needed to do that to draw the ladies in.

The next act was determined to take their act from the street to the strip and SQ Entertainment danced a cool Hip Hop routine that had a modern feel to it. Sharon Osbourne said that their routine was mean, but good. David Hasslehoff said that their routine was hard to figure out, especially the storyline of their dance. Piers Morgan said that he didn’t think that they should have come back in the first place, but after watching their routine he felt that he was wrong.


Pete Peterkin, The Rockin’ Roll President returned again tonight. He decided to impersonate Jaimee Fox tonight in his role as Ray Charles. He is an awesome performer and capitivates his audience with his multi-talented routines. David Hasslehoff said it was a good routine, but Piers Morgan thought that his material was terrible. Sharon Osbourne said that the routine went over her head as well and simple is definately better.

Up next were three sisters who could sing before they could walk and playing the violin as long as they could remember, Alizma. They could play violin, but their singing was ewwwwwww! They had hard rockin’ bodies that probably kept them from being buzzed in the beginning of their rotuine, but when they hita vocalhigh note, they were buzzed by everyone. America can still vote for them, but please don’t! Just two more acts to perform tonight and I was hoping after the last one I could hear them.


The Beale Street Flippers performed an incredible act tonight. They had raw street talent and they were able to take their act from the street to the America’s Got Talent stage. Piers Morgan said that he buzzed them because he was bored and felt that the show wouldn’t carry through for 90 minutes in Las Vegas. Sharon Osbournesaid that she agreed that they needed to be diversified. David Hasslehoff said that if they got voted back they needed to do something that was more sustainable.

The final act tonight on America’s Got Talent was The Voices Of Glory. These kids sang for their mother after her head on collision with a drunk driver. They had a gift and raw talent. The group had been practicing every day and hoped to make their mother proud. They looked like Angels tonight! David Hasselhoff said that the group was fantastic. Piers Morgan said that he thought the song was a bit shakey at parts, but the group has a star in their midst…their little sister. Sharon Osbourne said that tonight was Nadia’s night.

That is all for tonight everyone…now get voting!

Tomorrow night, America’s Got Talent returns at 9 PM on NBC with the voting results.

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