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Big Brother 11: To Veto Or Not To Veto

August 11, 2009 07:50 PM by Ryan Haidet


Sides are switching and former allies are now enemies as Russell is fighting to stay in the Big Brother house. After Chima nominated him for eviction, he seemed willing to do anything to keep himself safe in the game. Jessie, on the other hand, was worried about his safety even though he hasn’t been nominated for eviction — that’s because he was concerned he might be the target of the mystery power.

In an effort to maintain safety from eviction, Russell asked Jeff for his support this week. The new allies punched fists and sealed their deal. In secret, Jeff has been holding the power of Coup D’Etat for the last week, and in a confessional he said that he may just use it this week to overthrow Chima’s nominations to take out a power player.

Trying to cover all bases, Russell started working on Michele. While the pair played pool, Russell apologized for the way Ronnie treated her before his eviction last week. But his apology was short lived because a shouting match quickly erupted after Russell called her out for being a double talker last week. Michele was furious and fled from the backyard before rushing up to the Head Of Household bedroom to tell everybody else what had just taken place.


After Michele came out of the HOH bedroom, Russell hopped right back at it, calling her a nutcase in need of medication. He said she was crazy and needed help because of her constant lying.

Big-Time Veto

Without question, this was the most important Veto competition of the summer with the winner getting immunity from the new mystery power.

The houseguests chosen to compete (Chima, Lydia, Russell, Kevin, Jeff and Natalie) went into the backyard dressed like chickens. In the challenge, which was a unique idea of maneuvering eggs through a chicken-wire fence, Kevin took the lead early on and held it until the end. That’s when it became a beak-to-beak challenge against Russell. In the last moments, Kevin pulled ahead and clucked to victory by taking the Golden Power Of Veto.

After his win, it seemed like a no-brainer that he would use his power to save Lydia from the chopping block. But he wasn’t so sure about making that decision. He felt she was going to be safe from the vote anyway and that using the Veto would only create enemies.

Backstabbing & Veto Ceremony

Although he had just made a deal with Jeff, Russell went to Jessie and said their best bet would be to stick together. Their target? Jeff, of course. Amazing. With his back against the wall, Russell was willing to sell out his latest ally. But Jessie wasn’t really entertaining the strategy much and revealed to Jeff everything that had been discussed.


At the Veto Ceremony, Kevin did not save his best friend in the game and left both nominees intact. He apologized to Lydia immediately and said that he wanted to discuss it with her later. She didn’t think his plan made much sense. Lydia thought it would have been an easy decision for Kevin to pull her off the block instead of risking it by riding out the storm.

But there’s still that power in Jeff’s hands. Will he use it to overthrow Chima’s nominations on Thursday? I certainly hope so. We need to turn the house on its head just once this summer.

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