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Hell’s Kitchen Honors An American Hero With A Good Dinner Service

August 11, 2009 06:56 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen continues its dramatic slicing and dicing of the chefs in Season 6 as one chef after another suffers the slings and arrows of competitive cooking. Add the constant barrage of insults due to bad cooking from Chef Ramsay and you got yourself one tasty slice of delectable reality TV, especially tonight when Big Robert wails on some of the other chefs in a fit of cooking rage.

The women were determined to finally win a dinner service tonight as Suzanne promised to step into the leadership role as did Robert for the men. The first challenge for reward was a time challenge that had the teams coming up with appetizer and entrees for a Marine coming home party that the Hell’s Kitchen would be preparing. Robert and Suzanne went into full cooking mode as they had forty-five minutes to serve Chef Ramsay and the wife of the Marine whose party was being held atHell’s Kitchen.


Robert took a more collaborative approach with his team while Suzanne was being a bit more of a dictator in her approach. The Women seemed to impress first but the men came roaring back, but fell behind as the wife picked the women’s appetizer to start the dinner service. The men tied it up with the final dishes from each of the leaders, Robert and Suzanne, set to determine the winner. In the end, the Marine’s wife, Natasha, picked the men to win reward and send the ladies to clean-up and prep for the dinner service.

Of course, in defeat, the women became the catty bunch only a loss can bring out but the women’s bitchiness was soon squashed when Chef Ramsay’s wife came into lead the redecoration of Hell’s Kitchen and we can see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as she was as brutal as Chef Ramsay when it came to redecorating.


After flying in jets, the men came in a bit too cocky and seemed to not want to help the women with the menu for the homecoming surprise party for the Marine, saying that they would do whatever they need to do to win. Oh boy, if there is one thing Chef Ramsay won’t ever stand for is petty games when it comes to cooking excellence.

After the festivities of the surprise subsided, the food seemed to fly out better than any service yet, except the women’s trouble with mushrooms. The men blew through appetizers but seemed to slow down when steak orders swamped Jim at his station. Tek, who was in trouble last week, struggled with her meat station and it looked as though she could be headed out the door if the women lose again as she irked Chef Ramsay in the worse way.


The men were doing their best dinner service ever, but Jim seemed to be trying to baby Dave with his hand in a cast, but Dave was impressing Chef Ramsay where Jim was not. The men were way ahead of the women and it looked as though the women’s perfect string of dinner service loses would be intact. What an honor for the women.

Chef Ramsay thanked the men for saving the dinner service and sent the women to nominate two women to go home. We knew that Tek was going up before Chef Ramsay and it seemed like Amanda and Tennille were looking to be the other one, although it won’t matter as Tek seemed to be the one headed home.


Tennile told Chef Ramsay that Tek was going up and then said that she was the another person being nominated, but vigorously opposed her team mate’s decision saying she was not the weakest person on the team. Chef Ramsay had Tek, Tennille and Amanda to step before him. After an impassioned appeal, Chef Ramsay agreed with Tennille and sent her back into line. After hearing he appeals from each of the girls, Chef Ramsay did not believe Tek had the goods to continue.

Chef Ramsay said that he kept waiting for Tek to emerge, but she simply did not and we saw more drama on the way in next week’s episode as Robert looks to be having more heart troubles and Tennille snaps back to Chef Ramsay calling him “Crap”. Oh, snap, oh no she didn’t!

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