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More To Love: Episode Three

August 11, 2009 11:01 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of More To Love, the women get a second-chance prom and two women share private dates with Luke. During the prom, a queen is crowned by some special guests, and the women are also shocked to learn that four of them will be leaving the More To Love mansion when elimination time rolls around.

To begin with, More To Love’s bachelor, Luke, called the women together and asked them all to the prom. In the middle of the room were a bunch of boxes with their prom dresses.


The womenwere so excited and the dresses were gorgeous. They were all frantic trying on different dresses to find the one that was a perfect fit. Most never got to go to their high school proms due to their weightâ⬔so it was sort of a second-chance prom.

Allarrived at the prom and everyone had a great time.


Kristian finally shared a kiss on the lips with her dream man! Wow, Luke is a real ladies’ man!


Emme showed up and announced a surprise for Lukeâ⬔his best buddies Chase and Sam from college arrived and were given the task of choosing a prom queen, who would receive a date with Luke.


Before the decision, they all danced and for a big guy, Luke can really cut a rug!


Finally, after talking to all the girls, the guys decided on Danielle as the prom queen. I don’t think she was a good choiceâ⬔she was just too boisterous and aggressiveâ⬔but maybe that’s what made her stand out in their eyes.

The time came for Luke and Danielle’s date and during the limousine ride she talked, and talked, and talked, and talkedâ⬔it was horribleâ⬔Luke couldn’t get a word in edgewise. They arrived at a seaside restaurant, which specialized in seafood, but Danielle said she doesn’t eat any type of fish. However, she definitely was happy to eat dessert and practically licked the plate clean when it came to the end of the meal.


After dinner they rode on a gondola and she revealed she has never had a second date and was a virgin. There was complete and awkward silence, and Luke changed the subject quickly. From the look of utter disdain on his faceâ⬔he is clearly not feeling Danielle.

The next day, Luke asked Heather out on a personal date because she was sick on the last date and he wanted to take some time to get to know her. They arrived at a horse ranch in the hills, which was really idyllic.


After the ride, they talked about Heather’s desire to be a singer, and how she felt she couldn’t pursue a musical career because of her size. She told him she wanted a kiss, and they locked lips!


It was time to mingle with the girls, and of course, Lauren was the first to pounce on Luke! He said turned on by her assertiveness. Eeeew! Bonnie drew a little picture of him, which he had to retrieve from her cleavage; and Kristian and Luke shared a passionate kiss. Then it was time for elimination and each woman’s ring was gathered.

Emme walked in and said four women would be going home. Luke began his selection of women by calling Heather first; then Mandy; Anna; Lauren; Tali; Melissa; Malissa; and Kristian.

That meant Bonnie went home.


Amanda was sent packing.


Christina left the mansion.


And prom queen Danielle hit the road.


Don’t miss the next episode when Kristian appears to become more emotionally unstable, Melissa gains confidence, and Luke has something he is compelled toreveal,

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