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Holidate: Boston & Miami

August 12, 2009 11:08 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of Holidate, two new bachelorettes swap lives in search of loveâ⬔Jessica from Boston and Jasmine from Miami. Each Holidate single tries to find their very own Mr. Right by traveling to the other’s home turf.

Jessica is 28, lives in Boston, and owns a shoe boutique named after her mother. Most of her college friends are married and she wants to settle down as she approaches 30. She was nominated by a local magazine as one of the hottest bachelorettes in Boston.But, Jessicawas ready for an exciting Holidate.


Jasmine is also 28, and works as a school psychologist in Miami. She loves her work, has a wonderful family, but is missing a man in her life. Jasmine was engaged once, when her fiancà told her he didn’t want children, their relationship fell apart. Now he lives with his wife only 5 blocks away from her. Awkward!


The two women had a video conference and told each other what they liked in men, so each could set up the other up with three dates.

Jessica’s first date was with Matt, who loves his career as a software engineer. They met at the Miami Beach Marina, where he gave her flowers and they enjoyed a boat ride. Matt was very cute, but a little strange as he showed her his original dance, the “Wet Monkey,” in which he just flopped his arms back and forth like a rag doll. He was also too casual, showing up in a t-shirt and flip flops. She thoughthe was hilarious, buthe was a little weird. They caught a bite to eat after the ride and ended up havinggreat conversation.


Jasmine’s first date was with Terrence, who is looking to settle down and have kids. They met at the Boston Public Garden on a suspension bridge and took a ride on some sort of a paddle boat. They had a lot in common, since she works with kids and he used to be a lacrosse coach. They had a great time in a photo booth making goofy, serious, etc. pictures. They seemed to hit it off, but it was hard to tell because Jasmine seems to be very reserved.


Jessica’s second date was with Jesse, an ER doctor, who only works 15 days out of the month and travels the rest of the time. She was awestruck by his looksâ⬔really dreamy. They went to Little Havana and rolled cigars at a cigar rolling shop. They stopped and ate, and she was totally mesmerized with Jesse. Not only is he a doctor, but he donates his time to the Make a Wish foundation and St. Jude’s Hospital. He is a definite catch!


Jasmine’s second date was with Gary, a software analyst. It was a rainy day, but they had umbrellas and ate a picnic lunch near the Charles River. They like to travel, shared the same favorite color, and had many other things in common. Next Jasmine and Gary went on the infamous duck boat tour, which is a vehicle that drives on the street, but is also a boat that ends up in the river. Gary was totally into Jasmine and said he felt “over the moon” after their date.


Jessica’s final date was with James, who works in aircraft sales. They met at Joe’s, one of the most famous restaurants in Miami. She thought Gary had stunning blue eyes, and James thought she was beautiful. She was turned off by the fact he was not close to his siblings and that he had been divorced. No lossâ⬔he was nice, but just didn’t seem right for her. They checked out some clubs in Miami and said their goodbyes.


Jasmine’s last date was with Eric, a photographer. She met him at Old North Church and he showed up with his a camera and began snapping pictures of her. They walked around the city taking photos for a bit and then sat down to eat. He was really wittyâ⬔and handsome as wellâ⬔a definite double threat. She was a bit unsure of his sense of humor and his sarcasm.


Next, each woman chose which date they would like to give a plane ticket to come and visit in their home town. Jasmine decided to give a ticket to Terrence.


It wasn’t hard to guess who Jessica would give her ticket toâ⬔Jesse the doctor, of course.


Jesse wants to use his ticket to visit Jessica as soon as his schedule permits, while Terrence is anxious to visit Jasmine during the Miami winter.

Don’t miss next week’s episode when Soraya from San Francisco, trades places with Allison from Chicago to find love in a new different and exciting town,

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