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Big Brother 11: House Turned On Its Head!

August 13, 2009 07:01 PM by Ryan Haidet


Tonight it was all about Jeff’s possession of the new mystery power — the Coup D’Etat. With the Big Brother houseguests all nervous about what the power was and who actually held it, paranoia filled Jessie’s heart. Even though he wasn’t nominated for eviction, he still felt worried about his safety due to the mystery power. And thank you Jeff! For once, a great opportunity was taken into action and Jeff overthrew Chima’s nominations.

But before we dive into that awesome moment, let’s look at how we got there.


With eviction looming, Jessie and Natalie believed it was either Jeff or Jordan who held the mystery power. So in an effort to get on their good side, the athletic pair spent the day in the backyard playing games and hanging out with Jeff and Jordan. It didn’t really seem to be working much.

Athletes Collide

As Russell played pool with Jessie, he said the only way for a male to win the game is to make sure he isn’t eliminated this week. But Jessie was still upset that Russell had not picked him to play in the Veto competition.

After a short disagreement with Jessie, Russell worked on getting in Michele’s good graces inside the house. He said he had no issue checking his pride and asking everybody for safety. But as he made his effort, Jessie walked into the discussion and reminded Michele that she was currently talking with the guy who called her crazy just a few days prior.

This of course infuriated Russell and the pair stood up and argued inches away from each other.

Move It Along!

OK. I’m not going to lie. I was so anxious to see if Jeff was going to use his Coup D’Etat that when the producers cut to interviews with Chima’s family, I was a bit perturbed. Yes, perturbed. While it’s always an interesting aspect to learn more about the contestants, I was so excited to see the upcoming vote that it truly had me sitting there tapping my foot and drumming my fingers as if that would make the moment come faster.

Big-Time Blindside

It was time for the live voting to begin, but first, would Jeff use his mystery power? Was it beneficial for him to change up the game or would he sit there in quiet? Of course, since you’ve read this far, you know Jeff did in fact use his power of Coup D’Etat. As he stood, Julie chimed in to let the house know what was about to take place. “Houseguests, as you can see, America has granted Jeff the mystery power, and he has decided to use it.” Jordan’s jaw hit the floor as Julie revealed the details of the Coup D’Etat.


First, Jeff saved Lydia from eviction and placed Natalie on the chopping block. Right after, Jeff saved Russell from eviction and placed Jessie in his position. “As I’ve learned from both of you, this is just a game,” Jeff said.

With two brand-spankin’ new nominees, the live voting was set to start. But since Jeff had used the power and Chima was acting Head Of Household, neither of them could cast a ballot.

One by one the other houseguests entered the Diary Room and voted the following:

Lydia to evict Natalie.

Jordan to evict Jessie.

Kevin to evict Jessie.

Michele to evict Jessie.

Russell to evict Natalie.


Ah, Meathead was finally sent packing. But this is certainly familiar territory for him since last summer he was eliminated early on in the game. As he walked out of the house and became the first member of the jury, Lydia couldn’t stop crying.


In the HOH competition, everybody was able to participate, including Chima. The challenge put the houseguests face to face in a series of questions regarding events that have happened in the house so far. Nothing too thrilling took place as the final round came down to Michele and Kevin. After the last question was asked, Michele came out victorious.

But that’s not all…

Right as the episode was coming to a close, Julie teased next week’s eviction episode, when two people are going to be eliminated.

This season started out slow, but now it’s really delivering some great stuff.

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One Response to “Big Brother 11: House Turned On Its Head!”

  1. mepalermo Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Why is Chima saying that Jessie never bad mouthed anyone in the house. She really needs to review the tapes. Chima, Natalie and Lydia are the perfect example of why women appear so weak. Chima might want to think before she opens her mouth.


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