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Jon & Kate Plus 8: Cops Force Kate Gosselin To Leave Her House

August 15, 2009 11:05 AM by Britteny Elrick


After a major blowout betweenJon and Kate Gosselin, police finallyforced Kate to leave the couple’s Pennsylvania home last Thursday. Jon claims that he called the cops afterKate infringed on his time alone with the kids. Keep reading for full details…

According to a report on Usmagazine.com, Jon Gosselin said, “She tried to come home yesterday, and I wouldn’t let her in the gate, and I guess she called the police. The police came and said it was a civil matter.”

“An officer pulled me aside and I said, ‘This has never happened before and I’m just trying to spend time with my kids and she’s [Kate] gonna have to leave,’” he told Splash News. Then he went on to say that despite Kate’s crying, the cops told her she had to leave.

“It was a miscommunication. Kate said she was coming home, and I said, ‘Well, it’s my time to spend with the kids,’” Jon goes on. “I don’t come home when she’s with the kids, and vice versa — and that’s how it’s supposed to be.” According to Jon, the main reason Kate was upset was because Jon called 23 year oldStephanie Santoro to babysit while he was filming the couple’s reality show. “I guess she didn’t agree with my babysitting,” he said.

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