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Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Bethenny Frankel Dishes On The Ladies

August 16, 2009 03:13 PM by Britteny Elrick


Bethenny Frankel is back at it again on her E! News blog about The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This week she weighed in on the most recent episode including Dwight’s “cirque de so gay” party, Kandi’s pending marriage, and the fact that NeNe is a bitch. Keep reading to find out what she said…

Excerpts from Bethenny’s blog:

DWIGHT: Now to Dwight’s overacted, under-delivering party. Please don’t make me watch cirque de so gay ever again. His pretending to be powerful and authoritative and his badgering of every painted jungle animal in that white cold warehouse was unpalatable. Keep your hands off Kandi’s tits. Who made you the judger of anything stylish or fabulous? Please remove him from my line of vision.

KANDI: Kandi seems cool enough, but aside from a truckload of baby mamas (or heifers as T-Boz hilariously called it) there’s nothing interesting here. I’m not that excited for her wedding as I would normally be in Bravo fashion. It’s too early to care. T-Boz stole the show by saying about Kandi’s fiancÃ, “papa was a rolling stone.” T-Boz is very pretty. I liked her, and neither of them have weight issues. They are Skinnygirls. I’m sending them my book to get rid of their food noise. Truly, I hope Kandi leaves her situation. There is too much baggage. Four exes that you had children with by the age of 34 is a massive problem.

NeNe: Nene happens to look great. Why all the weight talk? I love Nene, and she is a big bitch, but she is a Skinnygirl, too. She owns it. She works those curves, and only dogs like bones. Speaking of dogs, hers are often all over the yard, but she looks fab this season. Her makeup, hair and whole gig is on. However, she did insult Tania with the sandwich comment. There is a double standard with fat and skinny. Saying to someone that they need a sandwich is no kinder than saying that someone could stand to lose a few pounds. However, Tania needs to check herself. I smell a new Housewife. Who the hell was she to call Lisa a swimmer, to refer to Nene as big and come on so damn strong? She’s perfect for the Sheree camp.

You can read the entire blog at eonline.com.

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