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There Goes the Neighborhood: Silent Southey Family!

August 16, 2009 07:18 PM by Candace Young

This week is the second episode of There Goes the Neighborhood on CBS. In the first installment, the families were plunged into darkness (and sweatiness) when the electricity was shut off! The Nelson family emerged as Kings of the Neighborhood and put the DeGiralamo family and the Mullennix family up for elimination. The DeGiralamo’s headed home, leaving us with the burning question – Will the Mullennix family be able to forgive the Nelson’s for putting their necks on the chopping block? Read on to find out,

Chris Nelson is crying as the show begins, telling the cameras that he just really regrets getting rid of the DeGiralamos. At the Mullennix household, Chris and Renee are rehashing the elimination ceremony. Chris goes to visit Chris Nelson and confronts him about his so-called strategy in naming them first. After their chat, Chris Mullennix says that she feels they need to watch out for the Nelsons.

Meanwhile, the Southeys are struggling to adjust to having no computer, internet access, and not being able to text. Matt Rogers calls the families outside to do a ‘house challenge’, in which all participate. He says under the curtain on the table there is a jar containing something small and edible. The families squirm and cringe at the idea of what might be revealed – alas – it’s jellybeans! The families must try to guess how many are in the jar. The Johnston family appears to have the edge as the intellectuals of the neighborhood. Ultimately, most of the families go over – and the Schindler family wins!


The Schindler family has the advantage now going into the ‘neighborhood challenge’, in which each family is going to have the opportunity to snoop through a neighbor’s home that has been randomly assigned to them! They will be in search of five items on a list. The Schindler’s, who won the ‘house challenge’ will only have to find four.

Two members of each family are designated to go inside and rifle through their neighbor’s home. Highlights of the ransacking include the discovery that Tom Bussiere owns a speedo, there is unexpected lingerie in the Johnston’s nightstand, and that normally mellow Laurie Southey becomes a bit of a demon when given the opportunity to root through someone else’s home! The Mullennixes finish first, which leaves the Schindlers disappointed – they had the advantage!

The Mullennixes will get an updated kitchen and dining room delivered over the wall via crane as their reward. As Kings of the Neighborhood, they will also have to choose two families to put up for elimination.


The following morning the new kitchen and dining room is delivered to the Mullennix family on There Goes the Neighborhood. Chris cries with gratitude at the sight of the fully set out dining room table. As they barbecue, Renee and Chris discuss whom they will select for elimination. Chris decides they need to get some information from other neighbors. The Schindler’s feel that they might be vulnerable since they are not as close to the Mullennixes as some. In fact, David Schindler gets so nervous that he throws up!

When the Mullennixes sit down to discuss the situation, Chris ends up pitted against Renee and the boys, who want to put up the Nelsons and the Schindlers, since they are the two strongest families. Chris thinks the Southeys might be silent but deadly.

At the Neighborhood Meeting, host Matt Rogers asks the Mullennixes who will be the first family put up for elimination this week on There Goes the Neighborhood – it’s the Southeys. The second family is the Schindlers. Laurie Southey has a chance to speak, and says they enjoy the game and want to stay. Haley Southey cries. The Schindlers also ask for the other families’ support to continue. Chris Mullennix is overwhelmed by Haley’s tears and goes over to hug her, saying it’s just a game.


As the families deliberate over who they are going to support, it seems as though most will back the Southeys, but when they return to the meeting and the votes are tallied – it’s the Schindler family that triumphs – Laurie and Haley Southey are kicked out – There Goes the Neighborhood!

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