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Great American Road Trip: DiSalvatores in the Final!

August 17, 2009 06:03 PM by Candace Young


This week on Great American Road Trip on NBC, the bitter taste of defeat will still be with the Coote family, who up until the last episode had won every challenge on the show. Last week in Vegas, the Pollards finally emerged victorious and became the King of the Road. This week, the remaining three families will hit route 66 again and head out to sunny California, but will start in Boulder City, Colorado. Silvio DiSalvatore vows to win this challenge for his wife,read on,

For the King of the Road Challenge, the Pollards, Cootes, and DiSalvatores have to hike to the top of a canyon where they have to zipline back down and try to hit targets with paint balloons. It’s a long way down, and young Blake DiSalvatore comments that he is ready to crap his pants. The moms are up first, and Mrs. Pollard says she’s as nervous as a three-legged cat in a litter box! The moms go down and Jennifer Cootes is the only one to hit a target.

Next up is the first wave of kids. Blake DiSalvatore, who very nearly chickens out, gets two targets, while each of the other kids get one. The remaining children go next, with the Pollards and DiSalvatores each getting one more target. The Coote daughter comes up empty. Last to go are the fathers. At the bottom, Silvio freaks out when he inexplicably starts going back up! Once they have him back on dry land, the DiSalvatores learn that they have won the challenge and are the new Kings of the Road!

The Cootes family will go against the Pollard family in the End of the Road Challenge. Jennifer Cootes is determined to get her family back on track and thinking positive. The families are headed to Oatman, Arizona for a pit stop. Oatman is an old mining town, which is complete with saloon, burros roaming around, and rusted out old tractors dispersed throughout. The DiSalvatores go to eat in a little old time western restaurant. The walls are covered in about $65,000 worth of signed dollar bills – the oldest from 1923. Soon, the families get back in their RVs and get on the road to California for the End of the Road Challenge!


The End of the Road Challenge on NBC will be held in Soggy Dry Lake Bed, California! Amie Pollard dons a ‘Cooteskin’ hat as she gets into the spirit of kicking some Cooty booty! On an eating stop at Applebees, the Pollards and DiSalvatores sit together while the Cootes sit alone.

The RVs navigate a bevy of potholes to reach the End of the Road challenge site. The Pollard and Cootes will compete to see which family will join the DiSalvatores in Los Angeles. The challenge: there is a variety of cars set up in a gated grid, with one car being a red Radio Shack car. The kids must direct their parents via radio as they drive the cars forward and backward to facilitate the removal of the red car from the one opening in the gate. After a great deal of tension, the Cootes family emerges victorious.

The Cootes family will join the DiSalvatores in the final next week on Great American Road Trip. The Pollards, who have reached the end of the road, say goodbye with no regrets. The DiSalvatores tearfully say farewell to their friends while the Cootes stand by and make cocky remarks. Silvio DiSalvatore hopes to make the Cootes’ celebration short lived.


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Photos Courtesy: NBC

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  1. Camila Says:
    January 18th, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    Hello everybody, i think the cootes family shouldnt win the competition because they annoy me so much! I like the DiSalvatores family but i like Pollards family the best because the oldest son is really cute :P so yeah if that guy reads this, i just want him to know that he is so F*** hot and even though i will never see him because he lives in America and i live in New Zealand, i just wanna tell him that he is HOT ! So if you read this add me on facebook ;) Camira Sarlo <3 x


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