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Jon & Kate: Boarding The Battleship

August 17, 2009 07:20 PM by Ryan Haidet


Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 kept the current theme going as both parents each took the reigns and watched a portion of the children. Even though the conclusion of last week’s episode showed Kate and the kids back home from their beach trip to Bald Head Island, tonight the producers brought us more footage of that vacation. This time it centered around a trip to a battleship.

The USS North Carolina

It was field trip time, and Kate had big plans in store for the three boys — they were about to board a big battleship. Although the boys were having fun, they seemed hesitant when it came to the steep staircases throughout the ship. Like excited kids on Christmas, they pointed around at different things and asked what they were. Kate was really interested in seeing what the boys wanted to see. She asked if when they get older they will take care of her and Joel promised that he would be a good guy and not shoot her.


Aim At The Photographers

The trio of youngsters wanted to see the guns on board the boat, but they were suddenly spotted by fans of the show along with the paparazzi. As the boys were playing with the large guns, Kate wanted them to aim at the paparazzi. “I figured they were shooting us with their cameras, we could shoot them with our guns,” Kate laughed in an interview.

Hair Cuts & Ice Cream

In the middle of all their vacationing fun, Kate thought it was about time for the boys to get their hair cut. She said if they waited too much longer, their hair would start looking like Wolf Man. After the chop shop, it was dessert time — the four of them headed over to an ice cream store. “It was a great day overall,” Kate said. “Good mommy-boy day.”


Fun & Games

Back at home, Jon had taken the two oldest girls to a place with go karts, a ropes course, games and more. One of the girls braved the two-story high ropes course as Jon followed behind. Then they went off on a race around the go-kart track.

Honestly, their adventures were far less interesting than Kate’s — and it was certainly evident as the bulk of the show surrounded the battleship journey.

TLC teased a new episode of Jon & Kate for Monday, August 31. That means nothing new for next week.

Images courtesy of TLC.

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