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America’s Got Talent 08/18/09: The Third Group Of Twelve Perform

August 18, 2009 09:09 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on America’s Got Talent, twelve more acts competed for your votes to win a spot in the semi-finals. The judges professed to be even tougher this week, so whose dreams will be crushed this week and who will be heading onto the semi-finals? You have the power America to send your favorites on, so make sure you vote tonight!


Nick Cannon came out on fire tonight and set the stage for an intense, crazy and fantastic show. First up this week was The FootworKINGz who had major Chicago attitude. They were going to show the world Chicago’s cultural dance on the biggest stage in the whole world. They gave a dynamic performance and sure have fast feet! Piers Morgan said he couldn’t decided whether they were one of the best acts or the best act they have ever had on the show! Sharon Osbourne said that they had brilliant choreography. David Hasselhoff said that they were off the charts and on their way to the top 10.

Marcus Terell was the next act up and this time he was performing with new back-up singers (the Serenades) as his group decided to let him go it alone when the judges didn’t think that they were good enough. I didn’t think all three of the back-up singers were the greatest, but he killed the performance tonight. Sharon Osbourne said that she thought he was fabulous and the ladies were great. David Hasselhoff said that the back-ground girls were fabulous and Marcus was heading to Las Vegas. Piers Morgan said that it was big pressure for him tonight and instead of sinking he swam.


Dancing, acting and contortions were on display next when Pixie Mystere hit the stage. The six girls added more dance to their routine tonight and it was very technical and precise. Awesome choreography! David Hasselhoff asked them how they felt about going to school in Las Vegas. Piers Morgan said he loved the fact that the girls showed that they could dance tonight. Sharon Osbourne said that they had pixie power magic.

Jay Mattioli entertained the audience and excited the crowd during the auditions, but he was going to be compared to the best magic acts in Las Vegas. He was ready to prove that he could bring magic to the 21st century. He is no Criss Angel but I liked his shirt switch. He received two buzzes out of three from the judges. Piers Morgan said that that dog, Ace, was about the only ace on the stage. Sharon Osbourne said that his act was old time magic and she had seen all the tricks a million times. David Hasselhoff said that his act started off with a bang, but when the scarves came in he thought, “Oh no!”

Singer Bri Bernstein was sent a message and asked what her friends think about her being on the show. After she answered the KMart question of the day saying that her friends are thrilled for her, but miss her, she took command of the stage and her persona came out. She sang a slow version of Poker Face, which wasn’t to my liking and I felt that she butchered the song, but what do I know about singing…not much! Sharon Osbourne said that she was trying to make the song her own and owned it. David Hasselhoff asked her how old she was again and then said, “Wow!” Piers Morgan said that not much excites him these days in his old age, but her song did excite him.


U4RIA Dance Crew was happy to be a wild card and back in the game. They danced a freaky modern/hip hop routine. I loved it and this was right up my alley! David Hasselhoff said that they were Hoff nuts and he loved it. Piers Morgan asked the little dancers name and told her she was scary in a good way and that they were the first wild card act that he has been happy to see perform. He also said tonight’s show was the best of the quarter-finals so far. Sharon Osbourne said she loved the routine, but she wasn’t sure if their dancing was technically good enough to go on.

The next act on America’s Got Talent had overcome a life long fear of entertaining, Dave Johnson. You will remember his song to David Hasselhoff in the auditions. Hopefully he had expanded his singing repertoire for tonight. He sang a song about The Golden Girls??? He received three buzzes and thank goodness he stopped singing. Piers Morgan said that he agreed that the Golden Girls were hot, but Dave wasn’t. Sharon Osbourne said his silly lyrics and folk songs were not for her. David Hasselhoff said that his songs were not going to make it to the next round.


Hairo Torres said that dancing is a part of him and he had been dancing at home his whole life and dreaming of something like this show. He was hoping that his unusual dancing would impress the judges. His routine was fresh and I really enjoyed the dance-off part. Sharon Osbourne said that he came out looking like Jerry Lewis on acid, but she wasn’t sure if he could go through and do it on her own. David Hasselhoff thought he was the weirdest dancer he had ever seen and was very entertaining and thought he had it all. Piers Morgan said that he agreed with David Hasselhoff and wanted him to think about his choreography and think outside the box a bit to make it to Vegas.

G-Force performed next. They were hoping to show the whole world that they were the female version of the Jonas Brothers. Their version of Your Hot and Your Cold was sweet for girls under 13. They received one buzzer. David Hasselhoff said that they have always been his favorite and although they were a little off on the vocals, they had major talent. Piers Morgan said he loved the drums and the guitar, but felt the vocals were way off tonight. Sharon Osbourne thought that their performance in auditions was better, but she agreed that they had a great career ahead of them like David Hasselhoff said.

Jeffrey Ou was back again to play the piano for America. Although he is a quiet and shy guy, he comes out on stage and transforms into something amazing and extreme. He began his routine with a classical ballad and then out came the back-up dancers and he went wild on the piano. David Hasselhoff said that he couldn’t hear the piano, so it was a little difficult to judge him. Piers Morgan said that there clearly were some technical problems, but they may work to his advantage. Sharon Osbourne said that she preferred him as the mad professor and it makes him different! Apparently one of the girls on stage kicked out the cable and that is why no one could hear the second half of his performance. I thought it sounded okay?

The next performers on America’s Got Talent featured guitars in their act, but they did everything, except play them. Mario and Jenny’s act was very dangerous and shocking. His juggling and balancing of fire guitars was scary. Sharon Osbourne said that she adored the two. David Hasselhoff said when they come out, they come to play. Piers Morgan said that it is a very tough night to vote, but even though the group was fantastic, it would be difficult to vote tonight as the acts were so amazing in general.

Lawrence Beamen had waited over 20 years for this time and tonight he was going to sing his heart out for America. He put his whole heart and soul into his performance tonight and it was very emotional and touching. Wow! America has a hard time tonight to judge for sure! Sharon Osbourne said his song was smooth like velvet. David Hasselhoff said that he feels really sorry for everyone else in the competition because he is going to win it. Piers Morgan said he is the new Barry White and said that he is the nearest thing to a nail down star that they had produced in a long time.

That is it for tonight! You know how it works and it is all up to you now! Vote and change someone’s life for the better America.

Tomorrow night at 9 PM on NBC you will find out which five make it through to the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent and Ashley Tisdale will be singing as well as Daughtry.

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