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Big Brother 11: Tempers Flare, Chima Removed

August 18, 2009 07:58 PM by Ryan Haidet


It’s the biggest bunch of whiners ever compiled in one place — that’s how it seems Big Brother is turning out this season. After a breakdown, the producers removed Chima from the game — but that’s not all tonight’s episode churned out. Lydia snapped and a new Head Of Household was crowned. There’s lots to cover here tonight, so put on your best unitard and enjoy the drama.

After the Nomination Ceremony, both Natalie and Chima were nothing but sour grapes when they became targets for eviction. Jordan didn’t feel bad, though. She said in a confessional that they are the rudest people she had ever met. Chima went off and pouted and discussed the possibility of quitting. “I’m not giving them the satisfaction of voting me out of this house,” Chima said.

Refusing Orders

When Chima went outside, Big Brother producers asked her to put her microphone on. But instead of obeying, she kept on walking and flipped the cameras off. It’s a rule to wear the mic 24/7 in the house, so Kevin went and got her the microphone and handed it off to her. But instead of clipping it to her shirt, she turned and tossed it in the pool, which destroyed it.

Shortly after that incident, Big Brother asked Chima to put a new mic on that was inside the storage room. Kevin went and got it for her, and she clipped it on momentarily before taking it off and setting it aside.

Back in the house, Chima was laying in bed getting angry over the situation. Big Brother producers asked her to go to the Diary Room. She refused to go several times and asked the producers to come see her if they wanted to talk so badly. Then there was a Big Brother first — executive producer Allison Grodner came over the speaker system and asked Chima nicely to enter the Diary Room.

Finally giving in, Chima entered the Diary Room where producers were waiting for her. A voice was heard saying there was no need to sit down and she was quickly removed her from the game.


Since this event took place, both CBS and Chima have released statements. CBS saying they had to remove her for rule breaking, Chima arguing she had voluntarily quit.

Chima Out

With time ticking onward, Kevin started to get suspicious thinking Chima wasn’t coming back. Suddenly, Allison’s voice chimed in once again and she asked the houseguests to congregate in the living room. As they sat intently listening, Allison announced that due to several rule violations — including destroying her microphone — Chima was taken out of the game.


Kevin was extremely upset over the situation and started sobbing and talking to himself in private. The other side of the house — Jeff, Russell, Michele and Jordan — didn’t feel badly about Chima’s removal at all. They were tired of the group acting spoiled and childish. As Lydia, Natalie and Kevin packed her belongings up per Allison’s request, Natalie got fired up and felt the drama all sparked by Michele’s nomination. She felt Michele had stabbed Chima in the back.

Here’s where I’m stepping in for another one of my infamous rants. This is simply a case of sore losers. When Natalie was in power and controlled the game early on, it didn’t matter who was hurt by her actions. It was a game then. Understandable. But when the tides turned and she was stuck in the deep end with hungry sharks looking to chomp her out of the way, Natalie couldn’t deal with it.

We all know the saying — payback’s a (fill in the blank).

Michele’s Reign Ends

The next morning, Michele read an announcement to the house that declared her reign as Head Of Household was over since one of her nominations had been eliminated. Immediately after, a new HOH competition was held featuring a miniature golf course. Michele, as outgoing HOH, was the only participant not eligible to compete. The twist to the competition was interesting (but one we’ve seen before) — every round when one player was eliminated, they were given a prize. But the following rounds, the next eliminated player could choose to keep their own or steal the prize from a previous player. Lydia was out first and won the HOH key. Natalie was out second and won a Hawaiian vacation. At the end of round three, Russell was eliminated and won a phone call from home. But he switched that for Natalie’s Hawaiian vacation.


Up next, Kevin was eliminated and won $5,000. In the final round it came down to Jeff and Jordan. He threw the final shot and let Jordan win the contest. After his elimination, Jeff won a spa experience, but he didn’t keep it — instead he traded it off for Russell’s trip to Hawaii. Next up, Jordan was given a unitard — but she traded it for the power of HOH, which left Lydia with the traditional costume. As a result, Lydia was extremely upset and called Jordan a “Ho Puppet” who does everything Jeff wants in the game.

More Fights & New Nominees

After the HOH competition, Lydia suddenly turned extremely angry and started fighting with everybody but Kevin and Natalie. After excessive yelling, Lydia stormed off to the Diary Room and the waterworks started.


Later that day when Jordan’s HOH room was revealed, everybody except for Lydia participated in the moment. Jordan showed off pictures of her family and then read a letter from home. She was brought to tears as she read the note.

Ready for a positive rant? Jordan, I’m rooting for you! I hope it’s either you or Jeff who takes the whole game. You are the most deserving people in the house. I’m usually a fan of the best strategist, which I don’t think either of you are, but I pretty much despise everybody else. I think most of America would agree with that, too.


In the Nomination Ceremony, Jordan had targeted Natalie and the unitard-wearing Lydia for eviction. But honestly, did anybody expect something different? I think it was the easiest decision in the house so far.

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