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Dance Your Ass Off: We Are Family

August 18, 2009 01:17 AM by Cindy Adams


On this episode of Dance Your Ass Off, the contestants received surprise visits from family members, moving them to tears of joy.As their loved ones looked onthe contestants got out their dancing shoes and performed twiceâ⬔dancing 1980s style to classic hits and then moving elegantly to the fox trot on tonight’s Dance Your Ass Off!

Dancing to the 80s was firston Dance Your Ass Off and Pinky and Mr. Lucky danced to “Holiday.” Pinky looked so cute in her Madonna-like outfit. The dance was really fun and energetic and her average score from the judges was 9.


Ruben and Hilary danced to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and he was excellent as usual. Ruben’s average dance score was 8.7.


Alicia and Italo were next up with “Mickey.” Alicia looked great in her cheerleader outfit and she’s become so flexible it’s fantastic. The judges really liked her performance and her average score was an 8.7.


Shayla and Mario danced to the Cyndi Lauper hit, “Girls Just Want to Have fun.” Shayla was fantastic and focused and was the best of the night so far. The judge’s average score was a 9.3.


It was time to dance the fox trot, and Alicia and Italo were up first, moving to “Rehab.” She was a little heavy on her feet, but her attitude was magnificent as usual. The judge’s average score for Alicia’s fox trot was 8.7, and when combined with her 80s dance score, her total average score was also an 8.7. The percent of body weight Alicia lost was 2.66, which gave her an overall score of 11.36. Since her arrival on the show, she has lost 41.5 lbs. Wow! That is amazing!


Next up was Shayla and Mario dancing to “Back to Black.” She looked gorgeous, but her dancing was a little slow for a fox trot, according to the judges. Her average overall dance score from both dances was 8.8. Shayla lost 2.48% of her body weight, for an overall total of 11.28. To date, she has lost 29.5 lbs. She looks fantastic!


Pinky and Mr. Lucky danced to “Isn’t She Lovely.” Pinky looked great and flowed while dancing. The percent of body weight she lost was 2.22 and she has now lost 24 lbs.


Ruben and Hilary did the fox trot to “Bubbly.” Ruben’s was so smooth and the judges said his movements were fluid like water. Once again, he was suave and debonair and judges loved his performance. Ruben lost 2.08% of his body weight. He received a perfect score of 10 from each judge for the fox trot, so his total overall dance score was 9.4, for an overall score of 11.48. Overall he has lost the most weight of any contestant at 59.8 lbs.


Pinky and Shayla had the lowest overall scores, but the judges revealed no one would be going home this week! Everyone breathed a little easier and lived to dance another day.


Don’t miss the next episode when the contestants get a Hollywood makeover and some help from a special guest choreographer, as they learn the cha cha and the Viennese waltz…

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