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Hell’s Kitchen Has Meltdowns And A Chef With No Passion Leaves

August 18, 2009 06:30 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen gives us another hour of yelling, screaming and otherwise, overall pain from the chefs as we know that Tennille is set to have a major meltdown and will backtalk Chef Ramsay. Obviously, Tennille is not a student ofHell’s Kitchen and thinks that somehow if she challenges Chef Ramsay she will somehow gain his respect. The fact that she has had her troubles cooking has had nothing to do with it, we are sure, but are anxious to know how it will all pan out, pun intended.

And now the continuation ofHell’s Kitchen as Chef Ramsay called out Amanda out wondering if she had the stamina to continue. It is rare for Chef Ramsay to do that, or at least for us to see, so it must be that he sees some potential in her. The guys were looking like a solid unbeatable force and we saw Tennille not wanting to be part of any team.


The next test for the chefs was a low-cal challenge that would be a seven-hundred calorie meal that would consist of a three-course meal. Sabrina took the lead for the ladies and, for once, the men seemed to be faltering a bit as they were unsure as to what to cook. Both teams kept the meal under the seven-hundred calories and Tennille actually impressed Chef Ramsay first. Kevin cameback strong for the men and the challenge was even after the first round. The men faltered at the entrÃe and, with the desserts left, Chef Ramsay laughed when he saw the men’s dessert, which gave the ladies a much-needed win.

As the ladies enjoyed a day on the beach, the men went about getting the kitchens ready for the service that evening. The men were not used to losing and you could certainly see the tension building with the loss, but what was the funniest thing I have ever seen on a reality show was the men on some funky bike that they all were peddling as they drove to the market. Robert even had to go the hospital afterwards because of the strain of actually exercising probably for the first time in his life.


Dinner service had an auspicious beginning, even without Robert, as the teams were now even at five chefs apiece. Things started slow for the men and the women seemed not to be able to cook scallops. The women actually had a bit of momentum until Tennille felt disrespected by Chef Ramsay and Jim could not find a cooking bone in his body for the men.

Tennille and Chef Ramsay then started the avalanche of “You’re Crap” and “You’re Crap” flowing back and forth, finally having Chef Ramsay telling her to get out, presumably for good. Chef Ramsay followed her out and actually gave her a chance to redeem herself as she stormed back into the kitchen. After a “Where’s the Chicken” discourse between Sabrina and Chef Ramsay, we saw Dave go into la-la land on the men’s team as he zoned out not knowing what was going on in the kitchen.


The men’s confident swagger was quickly evaporating as Andy and Jim were causing the men to lose momentum and Sabrina made matters worse for the women by sending out raw pork. It seriously looked like a “Switch it off” night was on hand and so it was. Chef Ramsay said both teams lost and had each of the teams choose someone to go before Ramsay.

Jim and Andy were being deliberated for elimination and, of course, Tennille and Sabrina were being bantered about for the women. When they went before Ramsay, Arial said Sabrina was being nominated for the women and the men, believe it or not, were actually thinking about Robert for elimination. After Van stammered about a bit, Van said Andy was the weakest link. Between Andy and Sabrina, Andy’s answer was the weakest and in a surprise move, Jim was singled out for not having any passion for cooking and sent packing by Chef Ramsay.


Next week, we are promised the most unpredictable episode ever as the chefs continue to surprise and shock us with their attitudes, if not with their cooking.

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