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More To Love: Episode Four

August 18, 2009 10:24 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of More To Love, the women are judged on their wifely abilities with surprising consequences. Also, two women have private dates with Luke and a More To Love group date gets steamy in a hot tub. In the end, two women are sent home as Luke attempts to find the love of his life.

First up, the women got the chance to judge each other on their ability to be a good wife to Luke. They each received a More To Love disk that said “Good Wife” on one side, and on the other “Bad Wife.”


Kristian was up first and most of the women said she’d make a bad wife because she’s too emotional. She was shocked at their response. Anna was next and many said she was bad for Luke because they didn’t see a romantic spark between her and Luke. For Mandy, most of the women chose “Bad Wife,” but they were split on Malissa and Lauren.

Melissa was next and everyone voted “Bad Wife” except for Lauren! That was shocking, since Lauren appeared to vote “Bad Wife” for everyone else. The women based their vote on her lack of life experience. Unfortunately, she received the most negative votes, so she was deemed to be the worst wife for Luke.

Heather was judged by most of the women as a good wife because she is bubbly, fun, and friendly. Lauren disagreed and said there is a lot more to being a wife than just having fun. But, Heather was deemed the best wife for Luke by overwhelming votes.

Because Heather and Melissa were voted the best and worst wife for Luke, they won private dates with him. Melissa’s date was first, and she and Luke went to a Moroccan restaurant.


They talked about her confidence and shetold him it was getting much better.


Belly dancers then came to their table and they belly danced. Luke really got into it, and Melissa was reluctant at first, but finally started to shake her booty! She is definitely getting more self assured.


Heather’s date was next. She got to pick a beautiful dress to wear, since she was chosen “Best Wife.”


They took a limousine ride to what looked like a castle! It was magnificent. They had dinner in front of the castle and he asked her about starting a family.


Then he threw her a curve ball, saying he was holding something backâ⬔he had three kids! She looked a little shocked, but then he smiled and told her he was just kidding! She had an absolute look of relief on her face. They went inside, kissed, and had champagne.


The group date was the next day at an ultra chic spa. The women gathered around the pool for lunch, and then Malissa and Luke got into the hot tub together. He was washing her back and told him she was a naughty girl. Yuck! She is not a nice person and I just don’t like her. They made out after that (of course)!


Mandy was getting emotional about Luke making out with one woman and then moving on to the next. She told him about her feelings and thenâ⬔guess what? They made out!!


Lauren was last to spend time alone with Luke out on the balcony and the other women distracted him away from her, so she was fuming.

Later that night, it was time for mingling. Lauren sat down with Luke and told him she was the most competitive of the women, he then danced with Mandy, and spoke for a short time to Melissa.

A tough elimination was ahead and the ring ceremony began, as Emme announced two girls would go home.


The first woman Luke called to remain in the mansion was Heather; then he called Tali; then Malissa; Mandy; Kristian; and Anna.

That meant Melissahit the road. Although she was upset, but her newly found confidence should bode well for her in the future.


AndLauren (halleluiah) went home.


Don’t miss next week’s episode when it’s down to six women, Mandy begins to shut down, and Kristian doesn’t want to keep her emotions to herself,

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