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Flipping Out: Season 3 Premiere

August 19, 2009 12:56 AM by Britteny Elrick


Jeff Lewis is definitely losing it on tonight’s premiere of Flipping Out. After a tough financial year in 2008, Jeff is trying to figure out how he will make a living without flipping houses. He has alsobrought a few new faces on board toassist in the daily activities of the company, but Jenny and Zoila are still around to be victimized by Jeff’s irrational outbursts. Keep reading to find out what happened…

Jeff Lewis starts off by addressing the economic crisis and saying that he haslost a third of his net worth. He talks about how he now has to put down 30% instead of 10% in order to buy real estate and that isn’t possible. He toys with the idea of buying cheaper houses or foreclosures and just isn’t sure what he’s going to do.

Currently, Jeff has his assistant Jenny still working for him, Zoila the housekeeper, Trace a design intern, Jeff the house assistant, and Rachel a part-time assistant. Apparently, Rachel was a longtime friend that Jeff got sucked into offering a job to. Hello, did we learn nothing from last season?


After two years of problems and obstacles, Jeff has actually set up his primary residence at Valley Oak. After the exorcism, of course. Then while Jeff and Jenny are working in the living room, Jeff has a minor dispute with Zoila about how many hangers she actually requires. I will not take the time to further explain how or why that conversation took place, because I’m not exactly sure myself.

Jeff finally goes into crisis mode about how he will make his living. His solution is to get back into design and remodeling. He and Jenny stop by Buena Vista to talk about some projects.After one meeting, Jeff isfinding it hardto deal with not being his own boss anymore. What? That doesn’t make sense.


Jeff and Jenny head to Orange County to counsel someone on a remodel job, which is something he never would have considered three years ago. On the way there Jeff asks Jenny about her upcoming date with the “gay guy.” He tries to explain that a straight man would never askher out “for a salad.” And then he tells her to have the guy ask him out.

Then Jeff decides that since he’ll be at Valley Oak for awhile, he needs to start making changes. But didn’t you just spend two years renovating it? Somewhere in between barking orders, he tries to hook Zoila up with one of his landscapers and calls her a Cougar. Then, of course, the man reveals that he is married and Jeff calls Zoila a home-wrecker.


The next day, Jeff and Jenny are in the car when Jeff discovers that she failed to bring a phone number he needed. Jenny calls someone to go into Jeff’s desk to obtain the number and he loses it! He calls Jenny unprepared and reckless and then he brings up her ex-husband and how he rifled through this things. Thus beings Armageddon.


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