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Ghost Hunters: Demon Impostor

August 19, 2009 07:49 PM by Ryan Haidet


In the mood for something spooky? With Fall right around the corner, it’s never too soon to get into the Halloween spirit! Ghost Hunters has returned to SyFy with all-new investigations from across the country. Tonight’s episode takes us to Blackstone, Massachusetts, where a family has been living in terror after their 17-year-old son had an encounter with an aggressive spirit. Then TAPS heads off to Virginia to investigate ghostly reports at a historic site. Do you believe?

At the quaint family home in Blackstone, TAPS arrived for a quick tour of the residence. The homeowner first told them the ghostly tales that her family had recently experienced. She told them that once she was sitting on the living room couch when something hit it and pushed it forward. Creepy. Then in the basement, her son had been charged by a black mass, which left him “frozen in fright.” Yikes!

Then up on the second floor, there was activity reported in the closet of the master bedroom with the homeowner saying they have heard growling sounds.


Lights Out

The TAPS team set up all their equipment and then they shut off all the lights. It was around 9:42 p.m. with the investigation underway in the basement when Amy and and Kris thought they heard a voice say “Please help me.”

Then in the master bedroom, Steve and Tango took their turn at some EVP work. They each sat in the dark and fired out questions to whatever entity might be holding up in the house. Nothing really happened other than a few knocking sounds.

Back to the basement, Jason and Grant used a device that picks up magnetic fields. Right after they asked a question, the lights on the device started flashing almost as if the spirit was trying to communicate. When they asked if the haunting was coming from something inhuman, the lights went wild. Jason then asked the spirit if the evil entity had been entering the home near the crawlspace, and without hesitation the lights flickered.


As they got into the crawlspace upstairs near the master bedroom, Jason and Grant pushed hard at the demon, calling it a “punk” in an effort to agitate it out. Moments later, Jason complained that his calf muscle went from really cold to burning hot.


He pulled up his pant leg and saw five scratch marks. Although frightening, they didn’t believe the spirit was anything inhuman — but more of an impostor prankster ghost wanting to pose as a demon. Had it actually been something evil, they said the attack would have been far more violent.


The Reveal

After investigating all of the footage in their main headquarters, Jason and Grant revealed the evidence they captured to the homeowner. First up was the voice Kris and Amy captured — “Please help me,” the hoarse voice seemed to whisper.

Up next Jay and Grant discussed their theory — that the spirit within the home was trying to act as if it was a demon. Jay offered up some advice — he said they need to sit around the table as a family and be stern with the spirits. He told them to voice their thoughts and make it well known they want them out of the home.

Off To Virginia

In the second case, the TAPS team went down to Virginia to check out the Brentsville Historic Centre. The site manager, who claimed to be a big-time skeptic with the paranormal, offered up a tour to the TAPS team and told them all of the haunting stories. Upstairs in the judge’s office, he told them about a face many people have seen staring from a window. Then in a separate building on site, which was a former jail, they were told the story of a man who was shot and killed.

They set up their equipment and then went lights out. Inside the jail, Jason captured an image on the thermal camera that looked like the outline of a person. The two of them then trodded up to the second floor when Grant said he heard footsteps in the other room. As they stood there, the ongoing sounds of footsteps resonated in the old, decrepit halls.


Then in the jail where a man by the name of James Clark had been shot, Steve and Tango took their turn looking for ghosts. Steve started to feel a strange with a ringing in his ears. As their investigation continued, Steve screamed out — but it was a false alarm. Simply a bee. Whew. Close call.


After analyzing the footage, Jay and Grant revealed the evidence they had captured to the site manager. They shared the thermal imaging camera incident in which the outline of a person was seemingly burned into the camera. But other than the personal experiences, that was all TAPS could offer up from their investigation.

On to the next spooky site.

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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