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Holidate: Chicago & San Francisco

August 19, 2009 11:27 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of Holidate, a single mom from Northern California trades places with a Chicago native for a once in a lifetime chance at romance.Keep reading to see how one woman puts her Holidate on the chopping block, while the other is swept off her feet wrapped up in the awesome beauty of California’s wine country.

First up on Holidate was Soraya who is 28, a make up artist, and lives in Benecia, California, near San Francisco. She is divorced and has an adorable little boy. Her long term goal is to own a cosmetics company.


Allison is 26, a media analyst, and lives in the big city of Chicago. She was raised by a single father and has 2 older brothers. She feels like she’s dated every single guy in Chicago, so she’s ready for a change.


The women met on a video conference to tell each other what they liked in a guy so each could find 3 dates for one another.

Allison’s first date was with Everett, who is 28, and works as a chef in the catering company he owns with his dad. She met him at the Jordan Winery and they were given an after hours tour of the place. Everett was hot and they were obviously taken with one anotherâ⬔so much so that their eye contact was almost obscene! Even the tone of their voices was flirtatious. They talked about their personal lives and he revealed he has a 7-year-old child, which she admired about him. They had awesome chemistry and made a great couple.


Soraya’s first date was with George, who loves his family and is a police officer. He thought she was beautiful and she found him to be very attractive! They took a boat tour of the city, but he was totally nervous around her. They chatted about being single and their family values. Although George was romantic and sweet, he didn’t open up to her as much as she would have liked.


Allison’s second date was with Kyle, an electrician. She met him at Pier 41 and he seemed a little awkward. She has a great sense of humor, which took him off guard. They had good conversation and a great lunch, but they didn’t have the chemistry that she and Everett had.


Soraya’s next date was with Johnny, who works with hedge funds during the day, but loves poetry and music by night. He had a great sense of humor and was very cute! The total package. They hit it off and had great conversation.


The last date for Allison was with Philippe, who is 31, from France, and is a software engineer. He also has a band that plays in the city. They met on Mission Street and went to the roof of a building to eat. She loved his French accent and he was very cute and charming. After eating they went to his friend’s place who creates his own crazy art exhibits that actually move. Allison said her date with Philippe was the best she had ever been on.


Soraya’s third date with John, who is 39, and in the insurance business. They met at the Merchandise Mart and entered the Chopping Block where they cooked their own food. Very cool. She had a spark in her eye and was really into him. As they ate, he asked her if she would ever move to Chicago and she answered in the affirmative. After eating, they headed to a hot spot called Market. John’s personality changed a little bit and he started to act very machismoâ⬔even calling her “baby doll” at one point. He then called over some bimbo-looking waitress named “Tina,” who he proceeded to hug and introduce to Soraya as his friend. She was totally turned off at that point and thought his actions were distasteful. Right on Soraya!


The women then contemplated which man they would give an airplane ticket, to visit them on their home turf. Soraya gave Johnny a ticket.


And Allison gave a ticket to Everett, which was no surprise.


Three weeks after the show was taped, Everett flew to Chicago to see Allison, and they had such a great time, she is considering moving to San Francisco. Johnny has yet to fly out to see Soraya, but he is still interested in making it happen.

Don’t miss the next episode when smart and sexy Brittney from Charlotte, North Carolina and Patrycia, the thrill seeker from Chicago, switch cities to find love, romance, and maybe Mr. Right,

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