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Big Brother 11: Living In Fast Forward

August 20, 2009 07:15 PM by Ryan Haidet


Although producers of Big Brother 11 had promised a double eviction in tonight’s episode, those plans changed after Chima was removed from the game for breaking some rules. With Lydia and Natalie each facing eviction, last-minute efforts to scramble strategies struck the house. But would those plans succeed?

Even though they each shed many tears with Jessie’s elimination, Lydia and Natalie finally had a discussion and realized how much he played both of them. They still weren’t going to be best of friends, but at least the animosity between them because of Jessie had been lifted.

Strategy To Blindside Russell

Natalie hatched a plan to tell Jeff and Jordan that Russell was gunning for them if they didn’t take him out first. Kevin was put behind the driver’s seat of the lie and told Jeff about Russell’s “scheme.” And yes, Jeff seemed to buy into the situation, which Kevin couldn’t believe. “I was thinking, Jeff you’re an idiot if you go for this.”


Jeff went back in the house with the information and talked to Jordan about it. He was certainly upset that Russell had already turned on him after saving his hide just one week ago.

Jordan Wins Again

For the plan to work out in their favor, Kevin’s alliance needed to win the Power Of Veto so they would have to force Jordan to nominate somebody new — like Russell. It all started off in favor of the targets when Russell was chosen by random draw as the only person not eligible to compete. But after a series of before-and-after questions and one tie-breaker, Jordan won the Golden POV and chose to kept her nominations intact.

Another Sent Packing

Then, as the show continued in fast-forward mode, it was time for the live eviction. After Lydia and Natalie gave their final pleas, the rest of the house entered the Diary Room to voice their choice for eviction.

Everybody except for Kevin voted to evict Lydia. When Julie Chen revealed that the unitard-wearing contestant had been voted off, Lydia stood and gave her goodbye hugs. She quickly rushed out of the house as Natalie gave thank you hugs to everybody for supporting her.


HOH Contest Starts

The contestants lined up outdoors to compete in the next live Head Of Household competition — Jordan the only one ineligible to participate as outgoing HOH. The task seemed quite tedious — the houseguests had to grab empty soda cans and drop them off a platform into a pair of skinny tubes. The first contestant to fill their tubes all the way to the top would win the power of HOH.

Although the episode concluded without anybody winning HOH, one person finally won the contest when the show went off the air as I was writing this article. If you don’t want it spoiled, you can check out Sunday night’s episode and stop reading here. But for those of you who are anxious to find out who took the power, I think many will be pleased to read that Jeff is the next HOH.

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