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Models Of The Runway: A Nude Model Gets The Shaft

August 20, 2009 08:49 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway takes us behind the scenes where Project Runway leaves off every week. In a quick thirty minute stretch every week, we get to see the joys and heartaches of being the models that try to make the fashions look presentable on the runway along with the highs and lows of having your fate decided by a designer’s flair each and every week. While the models have no real control over their fate, they could be the nemesis of a designer by not walking in such a way as to “Sell” the designs. Sure, it would be career suicide if found out, but you know they can’t always love every outfit. I mean, it is just a job to them, ya know.

The models all sat around to watch who was eliminated and Ari’s model. Erika, was too on the chopping block the next time around. Katie, Christopher’s model, loved her dress and now we had to see what goes on behind the scenes.


Heidi called the girls out for a pow-wow about the competition and told Katie, the winning model, that she was attending some function but that the next time she would see them, one would be out. We are not sure if the models will be treated like in seasons past, but probably to make another show, we will have a new selection process every week.

We than got a view at the model house and got to see a bunch of thin girls all being bitchy and generally acting like they like one another. The winning model, Katie, and her model friend, Tara, got to shop at some glitzy shops and then when they went back to the model house, well, the bitchiness commenced. Yea!


It was a bit interesting to see the models perspective of the designers. Heidi then had all of the designers choosing their models so the Models of the Runway show would have a reason to exist. Heidi had the designers choose and most of the designers kept their models, with a few switching things up.

In the end, Epperson had to choose between Erica and Mitchell’s nude model, who he abandoned because he though she lied on her card about her body design. Unfortunately, Yosuzi Sylvester got the shaft and was sent walking the runway out of town.


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