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Project Runway: A Red Carpet Challenge Confuses One

August 20, 2009 08:33 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway sashays at us once again after, well, seemingly forever as the lawsuits flew preventing the show from airing. Whatever the reason for the delay, let it be known that it is official,Project Runway is back on the runway on the Lifetime Network and it hasn’t missed a beat. With sixteen aspiring designers laden with funny names, (ya think that is why they get into design?) quirky attitudes and design sensibilities that seem a bit scary from some, it is great to see having Heidi “You are either “een” or you are out” Klum, Tim “Make It Work” Gunn, Nina “I hate all of your designs” Garcia and Michael “That was horrendous” Kors back in on the runway where they get to demolish designers dreams week after week. It should be fun.

To get into the Project Runway groove, I watched the Project Runway All-Star Challenge with some of the most colorful designers from seasons past and it definitely stoked me to get ready for the new season. Past Season’s Designers, Santino Rice, Mychael Knight, Uli Herzner, Korto Momolu, Chris March, Daniel Vosovic, Jeffery Sebella, and Sweet P Vaughn all put up four outfits for a hundred grand and Daniel picked himself up a cool $100,000 for his troubles.

As always at the beginning of Project Runway, we got to see all of the designers assembled together acting all friendly with each other, which will be the last time that will happen. After all of the niceties were over, we got to down to the bitchiness that is Project Runway with the first challenge.


Former Drug addicts, Feather guys and lots of tattoos, oh my! Heidi and Tim looked fabulous and Los Angeles was the site of this season’s events and Heidi said that while the weather was nice, they would not get to enjoy it anyway.

The First Challenge:

The designers showed up at the Red Carpet to greet Tim and were told they were to create a Red Carpet look for their first challenge. With a two-hundred dollar and two days to create, the winner would get immunity in the next challenge. Immediately, the former drug addict, Johnny, was having a meltdown with hardly any stress going on. We can’t imagine what will happen when it does become stressful on the show to the poor guy.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising was humming with activity and Tim Gunn was already giving his first counseling session to Johnny to keep him in at least for the rest of the episode.

Day 2:

The designers were drilled by Tim on the progress of their designs and Tim didn’t seem overly pleased with too many of the designs. The models came in to try on the designs and Tim said that they had but until midnight to complete their designs. Mitchell was the designer who seemed to be in the most trouble as his dress only had a collar at the end of day 2.


Day of the Runway Show:

Mitchell was in huge trouble and decided to actually stitch his model into her dress, deciding to send his model practically nude down the runway. Trouble is a-brewing already as many of the dresses seemed lacking as Tim rounded the designers up for the show.

Heidi greeted the designers and we got to see Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge, Lindsay Lohan, to see who would come away unscathed at the first competition.


The dresses flew by and we hardly got a flavor of the designs but there seemed to be a couple of standouts in the crowd. Linsay Lohan didn’t seem to like any of the designs by the look on her face. Maybe she was just giving us a poker face.

Heidi called out ten designers and sent them off as doing enough to stay in the competition for another week. Ari made a freaky design that had no place on the Red Carpet and our boy, Johnny, ended up with some pretty good comments from the judges. Mitchell, our “Send them out nude” designer seemed to redeem himself with a half-baked excuse for his design, maybe, and Ari’s way-out design and explanation of the design should probably send her home.


The judges sorted it all out and Heidi gave the “Auf-Veeta-Zane” to Ari and gave Christopher his first win and immunity for the next challenge.

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photo credit: Bravo

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