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Big Brother 11: Soda Can & Garden Master

August 23, 2009 07:15 PM by Ryan Haidet


Right where we left off last Thursday. The remaining Big Brother houseguests were competing for the power of Head Of Household in a contest, which required top-notch precision. Dropping empty soda cans from a perch above, the contestants had to try and slide a total of 24 colored cans into a pair of vertical tubes. It obviously was a difficult challenge, but one filled with strategy.

As the competition wore on, it was a head-to-head battle between Kevin and Jeff. After the two were tied for a short while, Kevin pulled five cans ahead making it 20 to 15. But that lead quickly shrank when Russell used one of his special golden cans and blocked Kevin from competing for 60 seconds.

Shortly after Kevin came off of his time penalty, the match was tied once again — but this time they each only needed one more can to win. It was close several times for Kevin, but it wasn’t good enough — Jeff scored last and took the power as HOH.

Michele and Russell had scored with the least amount of cans, which meant they were punished by being categorized as the Have Nots for the week. Ah, cold showers, the metal room and restricted food.

Paranoia Builds

In the HOH bedroom, Jeff asked Russell if he had ever wanted to take him out of the house. Of course, Russell denied the accusations saying the people who were spreading those lies were simply desperate to save themselves. “It just makes no sense,” Russell said.


After Russell left the room, Jordan wasn’t convinced — she felt he was too untrustworthy. So moments later, the two Js — which I’m going to constantly refer to them now — went outside to confront Russell about the situation. He said that he wasn’t trying to nominate either of them for eviction, and denied ever saying they were his targets. But Jeff felt like he danced around the quetions.

Gardening Raises Eyebrows

Away from all the drama, Jeff has taken responsibility for a small vegetable garden growing in the backyard. He waters the plants and tends to the whole thing.

His efforts weren’t only appreciated for the work he was doing, but his housemates were enjoying the way he looked as he did the gardening. Jordan thought he was looking really good with no shirt on. And, yup — so did Kevin. He said that Jeff was hot and that he would hire him to be his gardener any time.


Nominations Loom

Just prior to the Nomination Ceremony, Natalie and Kevin pitched a final four plan to Jeff and Jordan. Natalie wanted Jeff to know that they are far more trustworthy than Russell. “I almost trust you guys more,” Jeff said. So he pitched them a plan — he would nominate both of them as pawns in an effort to backdoor Russell.

And he did just that — Jeff nominated Natalie and Kevin for eviction. Right before the episode was over, Jeff said in a confessional that he was really going after Russell this week. I guess that makes the Power Of Veto competition crucial.

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