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HGTV Design Star: Designers Have Fun In Kid’s Rooms

August 23, 2009 08:13 PM by DA Southern


HGTV Design Star is down to the final five designers and not only will the designers be working with tough customers, Kids, but their hosting styles will be on display as the judges begin the decision process as to who will be their next co-worker onHGTV. Each designer will start playing to the judges with their own style, and, at this point, you have got to love Antonio as one of the most passionate designers in the competition.

HGTV Host, Clive Pearse, gave the designers their next challenge and you could tell that several of the designers did not look forward to playing with the kids, but play they must. The designers were individuals and the funniest line was from Antonio when he said that he had never had a kid as a client but has had clients who acted like kids.


Lonnie got a seventeen year old boy who was into sports; Antonio got a five year old boy who was clueless as to what he wanted; Dan got a an eleven year old girl who wanted an eco-friendly room; Jason got a seventeen year old girl who desired a girly-escape room and Torie got an eight year old who was looking for an artist loft. The good thing about kids, especially younger ones, they just need something different and they will be excited.

Day 1 â 10 Hours Left

A $5000 budget and a carpenter was waiting each designer and the designers seemed to have a clear purpose, but execution was looking shaky with a few of them.


Lonnie seemed to be out of her element with the sports room and Jason’s carpenter was not working out and then fired his carpenter.

Lonnie had a shock when she thought that the carpet was covering a wood floor but discovered that half the floor was just plywood. You gotta love a great work ethic that some carpenter did.

Day 2 â 10 hours left

The designers all got a visit fromHGTV Design Star winner, David Bromstad, who questioned their vision and wow factor for each of their designs.


Lonnie sports-inspired room seemed to be the most clueless and had no real wow-factor, to speak of.

Dan’s eco-friendly room was all over the place.

Lorrie’s artist loft was not looking very lofty.

Antonio’s room was the most creative as his dinosaur-inspired room was the most ambitious.


Jason’s shopping was bizarre, but maybe it will look all good together. Additionally, the colors he was looking for seemed so bland and he was having trouble finding everything else for the room. Then he started to cry. No, really, he started to cry.

Day 3 â Two Hours Left Before Elimination

Lonnie and Jason seemed not so confident in finishing, Dan thought he was in better shape than he thought; Antonio seemed to have it all together and Torie was unsure. The hosting was crucial and all of the designers knew that personality would be key.

The Elimination Room

Antonio was first to host and he was rough in hosting but had a clever room for the five year old; The judges were OK with his design and hosting, even with Candice Olson calling him the “Tony Soprano” of Design.


Torie’s room was interesting and she did not do as good a job at hosting as I would have thought. The judges thought her a bit stiff and they were not that crazy about the design either.

Jason’s design for his seventeen year old princess was a little too pink but Jason had some personality as he hosted, at least. The judges loved his personality but hated the room. Vern called it a “Real Bummer” and Candice said she was having trouble with the before and after.

Lonnie’s sport room turned out pretty good, even with all of her troubles and her hosting had a bit more pep too. The judges loved her room


Dan’s eleven year old eco-friendly room at least had a concept that seemed to flow and he was really pretty good as a host and his client was pleased. The judges were impressed with Dan’s design but were not pleased with his headboard.

The Judges Decision

As usual, we could not tell who the three judges were dissing the most but we know that none of the rooms were extraordinary in the eyes of the judges but Lonnie and Antonio seemed to probably be OK. Clive called them back in and immediately told Antonio and Lonnie they were safe. Dan, Torie and Jason were in the hot seat. Clive called Dan a stiff host, Torie’s design was bland but Jason’s inability to really make a change in his client’s room sent him home, which was how it should have been.

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Photo credits: HGTV

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