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There Goes the Neighborhood: Bussieres Go Bust!

August 23, 2009 07:01 PM by Candace Young


On last week’s episode of There Goes the Neighborhood on CBS, the Southey family was kicked out of the game. ‘Nellie’ Nelson and his friend Ricardo Upshaw discuss the impact of having someone else leave the neighborhood, and decide to do something fun. A barbecue ensues! What will happen this week, when families who have shared a bond for ten years compete for $250,000 prize? Will there be alliancesâ¦or backstabbing? Read onâ¦

The Upshaw family are best friends with the Nelson family, but have decided to approach the Schindler family to make a pact. The Schindlers are thrilled to cut a deal with one of the so-called ‘insiders’ and a beer bottle toast seals it.

Time for the first challenge – each family gets a box for the Home Challenge. The boxes contain tangled Christmas lights, with the first family to get theirs sorted out receiving the advantage in the all-important Neighborhood Challenge. The Mullennix family emerges as the winner!

Next up is the Neighborhood Challenge. This week it’s the ultimate puzzle – putting together an entertainment system. In their garages are eight boxes – they are told to take them into their houses and get to work! The Mullennix family boxes are already inside their home – except for one – as they were the winners of the Home Challenge.

After much yelling, screaming, scrambling, and sweating, The Upshaws become the new ‘Kings of the Neighborhood’! Host Matt Rogers asks the Upshaws what he can give them – they say power. He gives them their power back for a few hours of enjoyment, along with some digital toys, such as a video camera and laptop.


As the Upshaw family enjoys vacuuming, hot showers, and computer time, the Schindler family is confident that they will be safe, having made a pact with the Upshaws earlier.

The Upshaws decide that they will put the Schindler family up as a strategic move – so that the others don’t suspect they have a pact. They also decide to put up the Bussiere family, as they are relative unknowns – they go over to warn them ahead of time as a courtesy. The Bussiere parents prepare their kids.

The Upshaws also inform the Schindlers of their plan, but they wonder if the Upshaws are playing them. They try to convince the Upshaws that it would be better strategically to remove the Nelsons. This causes the Upshaws to return home and start bickering – the bossy, mouthpiece older son orders his parents to leave their emotions out of it when they balk at nominating their best friends, the Nelsons, for elimination!

Matt Rogers calls the families out of their homes for the Neighborhood Meeting. The Bussieres have their hats all on backwards – rally caps – because they’re down and out. The Upshaws tell Matt that they don’t know the Bussieres as well as the other families and that came into play when they made the decision. The Bussieres counter that they are not a threat right now.


Matt asks if anyone else feels they’re in danger. The Schindlers say they feel at a disadvantage. The Nelson’s say they feel confident that they are in no danger at all. The Upshaws say that they are nominating the Bussieres, but they become very emotional as they describe how difficult this has been, and how much the dynamics of the neighborhood have changed due to this competition over money. Through tears, the Upshaws next nominate the Schindlers for elimination from There Goes the Neighborhood.

After Matt Rogers does the vote count, the Bussieres are kicked out of the game. The huge door opens and they leave amid applause. Host Matt Rogers finishes the episode by making the remaining families feel bad that they failed to support a family with a grandmother and two small children!

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