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Dating In The Dark: Season Finale

August 24, 2009 11:42 PM by Cindy Adams


On the season finale of Dating In the Dark, six new singles move into the mansion to find love based on personality—not looks. Also, an FBI interrogator gets the dirt on their personal lives, and the Dating In The Dark men and women get a sneak peek of what each likes to where in bed!

The first Dating In The Dark single to enter the mansion was Matt, who owns a restaurant and is 32-years-old. He wants to find the mother of his children and is ready to settle down. He really seemed sincere in his quest.


Jose is a middle school music teacher, and described himself as ‘the nice guy’ and not the player type. He is 30, and wants to be someone’s boyfriend. How sweet!


Jeff is 30 and is a server and bartender. He was married young and divorced about a year ago. He said he normally only asks women out who are hot, which he acknowledged sounded really shallow. Good call, Jeff!


Deanne is a freelance TV news reporter, and said she feels old at 27. That’s sad! She wants to settle down and be the ultimate soccer mom.


Renee is a jewelry designer and hasn’t found love because she hasn’t ever let her guard down. She is 28.


Gina is a yoga instructor, 24-years-old, and admittedly has a short temper that she’s working on.


The men and women met for the first time on their group date, and Jose recommended each man bring a chocolate covered heart for the ladies! Yum! Deanne announced she was a news reporter, which immediately turned Jeff off, since his ex-wife was a TV anchor. Gina began talking and Renee threw something at her head! Not cool! Gina got mad and the whole confrontation caused there to be awkward silence.


Next the singles met Jack Tremarco, a former FBI psychological profiler, who is an expert in interrogation, lie detection, and personality assessment. This guy worked on the Unabomber case! Wow! He grilled both the men and women on their likes, dislikes, habits, and even the longest they’ve gone without changing underwear. Yuck!


First, Jack gave the guys the lowdown on the women. He told them Gina was brutally honest and told him everything he asked her without lying; Renee was guarded; and Deanne wouldn’t disclose information easily. Then Jack told the women about the men. He said Jose is a passionate risk taker and a nice guy; Jeff is self-critical, but honest; and Matt was extremely honest.

With this information in hand, the singles invited the person they wanted to date. Gina and Matt chose each other. They are both affectionate people and seemed to have a connection.


Renee invited Jose on a date and brought him cookies. Jose was so scared of rejection, when she asked him to stand up so she could feel his hair, he felt like she was judging his height. Then the conversation sort of died and they really didn’t have much to talk about.


Although Jeff was turned off by Deanne’s occupation at first, he invited her on a date. They hit it off and had a good connection.


Next, the singles got to look through the clothes each slept in the night before. The men looked through the women’s night clothes and Gina slept in a cute camisole; Renee slept in boring flannel; and Deanne slept in a tank top. The women looked at the men’s stash and found Jeff slept in scrub pants with no shirt; Jose slept in boxers; and Matt had disgusting pit stains on his t-shirt.


Renee and Matt went on a date and the first thing she mentioned was his pit stain! Nice! Deanne and Matt gave it a go, and there was no chemistry. Jose invited Gina into the darkroom He told her from her pajamas she must have a fit body, so she stood up and said he could touch her body. Then they slow danced and they kissed and kissed. Ooh la la!


Next the men and women were told who they are most compatible with. Renee and Jose were matched; then Gina and Matt; and finally Deanne and Jeff were told they were compatible. Deanne and Jeff went on their compatibility date and he divulged he only goes on dates with hot women. Deanne was intimidated by that.


Jose and Renee tried their hand at a compatibility date and Jose decided to be daring by kissing her. Gina was a little angry when Renee told her about their intimate moment because Jose kissed her first and thought they had a connection.


On Gina and Matt’s compatibility date, she decided she would kiss him to get back at Jose, but then felt attracted to Matt anyway.


It was time for the final dates and Deanne and Jeff invited each other and shared a passionate kiss. Gina and Matt enjoyed a fun final date and their personalities meshed. Renee and Jose went on their last date in the dark room and she opened up to him by telling him a story about her dad and collecting sea shells, while he told her about his commitment to the military and how he would like to be committed to her. Romantic!

Each single invited who they wanted too see in the light into the dark room. As it turns out, each invited their compatibility match. Gina and Matt were up first. Matt saw Gina and thought he was very cute.


Gina saw Matt in the light and was totally bummed! She thought he looked 40-years-old and said he had a gut. She said she couldn’t see him on top of her! Oh my!


Deanne and Jeff were next and he saw her first. He thought she was really pretty, but wasn’t anything fabulous.


Deanne saw Jeff next and thought he was super hot with amazing eyes, and perfect bone structure. That’s going a little overboard, Deanne!


Renee and Jose were next up. He saw her first and he thought she was very pretty.


Next Renee saw Jose and thought he had perfect white teeth, silky skin, dark eyes, and really cute.


The couples could then meet on the balcony if they wanted to continue dating. Matt went to the balcony to wait for Gina, but she left through the front door because she couldn’t get over his looks.

Jose went to the balcony to wait for Renee, but like Gina, she walked out the front door leaving Jose all alone. She said she felt no romantic connection with him and cried about her decision. C’mon, she passed on a great guy! Deanne waited for Jeff on the balcony, who showed up a short time later and they shared a hug and kiss.


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