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America’s Got Talent 08/25/09: The Final Twelve Acts Perform In The Quarter-finals

August 25, 2009 08:25 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on America’s Got Talent, the final twelve acts performed for your votes. This was the end of the semi-finals and only five of tonight’s lucky acts will make it through to the finals. Who are you voting for?


The audience was ready to get wild tonight and the acts were under a lot of pressure as they were hoping to win one of the final spots in the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent. Host, Nick Cannon introduced the judges with huge fan fare and then the first act came out. Ishaara, the Bollywood dancers danced their way onto the stage and into my heart tonight! Piers Morgan said that one great performance could propel them into stardom and their performance was just that…great. Piers Morgan commented that it was a wonderful way to start the show. Sharon Osbourne said that the group was exotic and sexy as well as great dancers. David Hasselhoff said that this group was by far the best dance group they have had on the show.

Next up tonight was a singer that has had to fight harder than most. Barbara Padilla is a cancer survivor and wanted her performance to be the best of her life. Oh my I had chills the whole time she sang. She received a standing ovation from the judges. Sharon Osbourne commented that Barbara had taken her breath away and her performance was perfect. David Hasselhoff told her that she is exactly where she should be tonight. Piers Morgan told her that the show was produced for ordinary people just like her to come out and wow!

Pam Martin’s Top Dogs was the next performance and tonight she was acting with her dog Spy. They had choreographed a very challenging dance routine tonight. David Hasselhoff said that she may not win the show, but she had a place in Las Vegas. Piers Morgan said that he was thinking he would buzz her tonight, but he said that Spy didn’t make a mistake and survived. Sharon Osbourne said it was incredible.

The African High Flyers were going to take their act to even greater heights with their quarter-final act. Their routine was awesome and the limbo fire moves were cool to watch. Piers Morgan buzzed them because he didn’t feel that he could watch them for an hour in Vegas. Sharon Osbourne said that they had great energy, but she didn’t know if they added enough new elements to take them to the next level. David Hasselhoff said that he didn’t know what the other two were watching, but he loved them and felt that they had a career in Vegas regardless.

Mia Boostrom was on America’s Got Talent for another try. Last year she was voted off of the show, but she didn’t lose her dream of showing America that she deserves to be back. She was hoping to perform the perfect song and I enjoyed the fact that she used the original arrangement of the song Hallelujah. Sharon Osbourne said that she delivered the song with great emotion. David Hasslehoff told Mia that it was amazing that at sixteen she was classy and looked beautiful and it was great that they had been a part of her transformation. Piers Morgan said that he didn’t think her song was a perfect performance and honestly he didn’t rate her better than the other singers this season.


The K-Mart question of the night was next and the young dancers, Erik and Rickie were asked what they would do with the million dollars if they won it. Rickie said that she would move her grand-parents to their home town and buy her parents new phones, while Erik said he would take his family on a trip to Italy and try to ride in a Ferrari! David Hasslehoff said that the kids were so little he couldn’t find them. Huh? Piers Morgan said that he thought that Erik must have been doing some secret practicing behind Rickie’s back as he was the man. Sharon Osbourne thought that the kids brought just the right amount of drama into the dance and they were adorable.

Coney Island Chris fell in love with performning when he was 12 years old. He liked to make people laugh and shock them at the same time. His routine was shocking for sure, but I really don’t get his humor and neither did the judges as he received three buzzers. Piers Morgan said that he committed the absolute cardinal crime as he wasn’t funny. Sharon Osbourne said that he wasn’t on the level of the acts that have been put through. David Hasselhoff was hoping Chris was going to set himself on fire, but he didn’t!

Matt and Anthony the tap dancing and guitar playing duo was up next. The college room-mates were hoping to bring tap dancing back to something that is cool and kids want to take up themselves. I had my fingers crossed for these two, but I didn’t need to as they were fabulous as usual. They received one buzzer and Sharon thought that there was just something missing. David Hasselhoff said that he thought it was a little rusty and off, but the whole act was amazing. Piers Morgan said that they had a great dancer, but not a great singer in the act and the singing was dragging down the dancing.

The next act set out to combine the art of dance with the art of tease, the Lollipop girls! David Hasselhoff said that they were voted off, but they were like lollipops…they may take a licking, but they keep on ticking. Piers Morgan said that he could watch them for a long time as they were very charming. Sharon Osbourne said that their routine was so much fun and fantastic. Burlesque…wow!


The next singer learned his first song when he was only 2 years old. He has had a lot of hard breaks over the years and was under huge pressure tonight. Drew Stevyns had a raspy, sexy tone to his voice and the crowd really loved him. Piers Morgan said that he didn’t think he was the best singer, but he saw desire in his routine tonight. Sharon said that she loved his song choice and the presentation. David Hasselhoff said he was happy that he came back tonight because he did a great job tonight.

Recycled Percussion was the second to last act tonight to come out and perform. They were ready to give it their all and bring in new music based elements for the crowd. They ripped the roof off of the stadium with their act. Very Cool! Sharon Osbourne said that they listened to the advice given and they were fantastic. David Hasselhoff said he just wanted to bang on things after seeing them. Piers Morgan asked David if he liked the act and then said that he could not believe that he was seeing the same group as in the audition.

Last to come out tonight were the singing EriAm sisters. They were excited to have back up dancers for the very first time. They were very age appropriate and their voices are nice for their age too! David Hasselhoff said their singing knocked him out. Piers Morgan said that their dancing was great too and they were the next Destiny’s Child. Sharon Osbourne said that they delivered.

America, you have seen the last twelve acts and it is make it or break it time…get voting for your favorite!

Tomorrow night on America’s Got Talent, the final 12 acts face elimination only on NBC.

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