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Big Brother 11: Raising Hell

August 25, 2009 07:32 PM by Ryan Haidet


The Big Brother house has gone bananas — seriously.  Tonight’s Power Of Veto was the coolest competition the producers have concocted in a long time.  But that’s not all, the drama hasn’t been crazy enough this summer, I think the houseguests will soon be blasted by Hurricane Russell. All hell is about to break loose.

After Jeff had nominated Natalie and Kevin for eviction, Russell was stunned.  He thought for sure that he would have been a target — now he seemed certain the house was working on a plan to backdoor him.

Up in the Head Of Household bedroom, Jeff expressed his frustration with Jordan.  He felt she needed to be more focused on the upcoming competitions.  He didn’t think it was right she hadn’t been taking his advice to study things around the house just in case they are the subject of questions in contests.  It was the first time the two Js really started showing the wear of their relationship.


Russell & Michele Worry

Moments later, Russell tried to go up to the HOH bedroom, but nobody answered the door since they were asleep.  This, of course, brought big paranoia to Russell.  He felt like the two Js were shutting him out.  “I just hope he’s not trying to backdoor one of us,” Russell told Michele.

Later on, Michele spent some time in the HOH bedroom with Jeff and Jordan.  She said Kevin should be the person sent packing this week — but her push didn’t seem to work.  Michele left the room nervous about the situation just before Jeff snapped again on Jordan.  Jeff said he felt like he was making all the decisions and asking all of the questions.  He wanted Jordan to step in and take some responsibility for their strategy.

It’s A Jungle Out There

For the POV competition, the backyard had been transformed into a Big Brother jungle.  It was really cool and very well themed.  Dozens of palm trees and bananas scattered the ground when Casey’s voice suddenly came out of a gorilla’s mouth.  He explained that on each of the bananas there was an evicted contestant’s name.  Those names were the answers to a variety of questions.

After all of the rounds played through, it came down to Michele and Jeff.  As it came down to a close contest, Jeff pulled ahead and answered his question correctly first, thus winning the POV.


Raising Hell

After the Veto competition, Russell was getting upset with the notion he might be backdoored.  In a confessional, he vowed to make the house a hellish place if he became a replacement nominee.


Still working to cool past tension, Natalie and Kevin promised Jeff safety next week if he pulled one of them off the chopping block.  But right after their promises and Jeff walked away, they both agreed he had to be their target next week if they get the chance to take him out.

At the Veto Ceremony, Jeff did use his power to save Kevin from the chopping block.  He then chose to put Russell up against Natalie for eviction.

Uh oh…

I smell trouble.

“Jeff you’re an idiot,” Russell said in a confessional.  It’s going to be a heated eviction night come Thursday.  Hurricane Russell is brewing.


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One Response to “Big Brother 11: Raising Hell”

  1. Linda Says:
    August 25th, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    IMO Nat and Kevin and Jeff are the only ones playing the game now. Kev and Nat did a good job convincing Jeff to put up Russell. For the rest, Jordan just follows Jeff around like a puppy dog, Michelle is on whoever’s side that has the power. She is so wishy washy. I cant stand her, and to think I liked her alot the first couple of espisodes. And Russell only bullies people around, that is his strategy. I am rooting for Jessie’s people….would love for Kevin to take it all!


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