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Hell’s Kitchen: A Big Surprise Elimination

August 25, 2009 06:39 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen promises another episode of yelling, kicking and screaming, but enough about Chef Ramsay. The chefs are looking to see if Robert rebounds from walking up some stairs last week and almost having a heart attack and if they might get a pass from elimination if Robert must drop out once again. More than likely though, probably not.

We picked up right where we left off and Sabrina was apologetic for her performance and the men were still intent on getting rid of Robert.

Chef Ramsay greeted the chefs for their next challenge and Chef Ramsay revealed a Vegas-style craps table for the High Roller Challenge. The teams had to spin a big dice for ingredients for their dishes they would prepare for the challenge. The main course for the women was rabbit and for the men, haddock. With the rest of the ingredients chosen, the women seemed to have a better blending of ingredients as each team were trying to blend the dishes to impress Chef Ramsay.


The woman seemed to have their dish under control but the men seemed a bit clueless, but hit their stride with ten minutes left in the challenge. Chef Ramsay first tasted the ladies first and, outside of the garlic being a bit overbearing, liked the dish. The men surprised with their dish so much that they actually won the challenge and were sent to Vegas for a day while the ladies cleaned the kitchen and handled deliveries.

With dinner service right around the corner, the men were confident in their ability, especially without Robert, but in he walked to throw a wedge in the bond the four remaining men had developed. The girls were on edge as well as Chef Ramsay gathered them together for the before service pep-talk. Well, if a pep talk is, “Don’t screw up you donkeys” that is.


Chef Ramsay announced that he had chef tables brought in and that he had invited chefs to actually sit in the kitchen. The men got the chef’s tables served quickly, with one-armed, Dave, impressing but the women lagged behind due to Ariel’s cooking.

When entrees came around, Van, who was supposed to be a fish chef, sent out fish wrapped in plastic. Nice! The ladies seemed to catch up with entrees as the men faltered due to Van fish mishap and it seemed as if the teams might actually complete a service.

Van was in la-la land as the chef table in the blue kitchen was ignored. Van went over to take their fish order and showed how incompetent he was at the night’s service. Robert was rusty and messed up a lamb order as the women zoomed towards the finish line and with a possible dinner service win in their sights. The men were lagging so far behind that Chef Ramsay had enough with the lot of them an told them to “Shut it off.” Looks like Van and Robert are going up before Chef Ramsay.


Chef Ramsay said that the men lost focus and the guest chefs from the blue kitchen said that the men sucked. One-armed chef, Dave, impressed and was supposed to pick two. Robert, Andy and Van were being considered for elimination and Robert was not helping his cause by insulting Andy. Dave nominated Robert and Van and Chef Ramsay then had Andy come before him for the “Why should you stay, you donkey?” question and answer session.


Chef Ramsay insulted right off the bat by saying that Andy was not Head Chef material and Robert and Andy got in one of the most heated discussions ever at the line. After the discussion, Chef Ramsay in somewhat of a shock, sent Robert packing saying that he had more dinner services than anyone ever in Hell’s Kitchen and there was no excuse for bad lamb.

Of course, next week was promised to be one of the most explosive episodes ever and if they keep saying that, one week Hell’s Kitchen will just implode. Hey, but who wouldn’t watch that?

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