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More To Love: Episode Five

August 25, 2009 10:36 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of More To Love, only six women remain in their quest to win Luke’s heart. Two women danced away the afternoon with the More To Love bachelor, one received a private date at a romantic vineyard, while three other women had fun in the sun with Luke. In the end, two women were eliminated as Luke narrowed the group down to find his perfect, full-figured goddess.

First, on More To Love, Luke invited Mandy and Kristian to go dancing at Mama Juana’s. Woo Hoo! They got tango lessons and danced with Luke in rhythmic motions.


Kristian had one-on-one time with Luke first, and as Mandy walked into the room, the two were kissing. Ouch! Mandy got upset and went into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Luke lured her out and spent time alone with her, but she admitted the whole process was hard.


Next, Luke invited Malissa to go on a helicopter ride to the wine country. They ate lunch in the middle of a vineyard, which was gorgeous.


Then, they took a romantic walk, stopped to share a kiss, and then rode a bicycle built for two. They kissed some more and when Malissa arrived home and told the girls she was in love with Luke, they were massively jealous.


Luke then invited Anna, Heather, and Tali for fun in the sun on the beach. On the date, there was awkward silence, so Luke took his shirt off and asked the girls to oil him up. That loosened them all up and everyone felt more comfortable.


Luke and Tali took a walk alone and they finally kissed.


Heather got some one-on-one time and Luke and he was surprised she was so insecure about Malissa because he thought that he and Heather had a strong connection. She was acting too possessive, which was really unattractive.


It was time to mingle back at the mansion, and after speaking with several women, Kristian told Luke in three different languages that she loved him. He was so flattered, but of course, this made his decision even harder.


It was time for Luke to give rings to the women he wanted to keep in the mansion and to eliminate two of them. The first woman he called was Anna; then Malissa; Mandy; and finally Tali. Kristian was devastated, because Luke didn’t call her name, which meant she was going home. And surprisingly, Heather was also on her way.


As Kristian walked out the door, Luke followed her and told her he cared about her, but he wasn’t the right guy for her.


She was still terribly hurt by the send off.


Don’t miss the next episode when the final four step up their game to win the sought after bachelor, and each get a one-on-one date as their families meet the Luke, the man of their dreams…

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