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Big Brother 11: Huge Fights & Endurance

August 27, 2009 07:33 PM by Ryan Haidet


54 days have passed in one of the most drama-filled seasons in Big Brother history.  Last episode closed out with Russell burning up about being the target of a new backdoor plan.  He vowed to make life in the house hell, and he certainly raised the fire in tonight’s episode.

After the Veto meeting, Michele walked into the pool room where Russell stood with his arms crossed in disbelief.  He gave her a big hug and said, “Good luck, I hope you win.”  It was almost like Russell knew the nail wasn’t just put in the coffin — but bashed in with a sledgehammer.  He was already buried six feet under, but just had to wait a few days until the eviction made it official.


Jeff walked outside where Russell sat alone.  The chat started out civil and calm, but quickly exploded.  Russell couldn’t believe Jeff targeted him for eviction and said that if he ever makes it to the jury house with him that he would mop the ground with his face.  But Jeff didn’t back down.  “I will lose $500,000 and bust you right in the mouth right now if you talk to me like that again.  You need to drop all that anger that you’re carrying and man up sometimes and know when you got beat.”


To make matters worse, just like a little kid trying to keep the battle going, Natalie ran into the house and pulled Jordan outside.  Once she arrived at the backyard battlefield, Jordan erupted on Russell for threatening her friends.  “Does she wear the pants also?” Russell taunted.

Hell Breaks Loose

Russell knew he had one vote of support from Michele.  He needed just one more, which he thought he might be able to drag out of Kevin.  So as the two played pool, Russell laid out his thoughts and offered Kevin a deal.  The strategy seemed enticing to Kevin, but he was torn between the options.

Under the hot California sun, the houseguests were in the backyard when Russell and Jordan had a huge clash.  As Russell worked her up, Jordan got extremely angry and rushed at him yelling that she wasn’t afraid of his rage.  “Let her fight your battles for you,” Russell said to Jeff.  Then Russell called Jordan fat and barked at her like a dog.  Jeff kept his cool for the most part and walked back inside the house to stop himself from taking things to the physical level.

Lydia’s Not-So-Nasty Jury House Arrival

In the jury house, Jessie was sitting around by himself waiting to see who was the first person to walk through the door.  He got to watch the goodbye messages and Lydia told him through the video that they had lots to talk about because she was upset he had been playing her emotions.  As he sat down for a lonely dinner, Lydia came inside and gave him a big hug from behind.  She teasingly punched him and said he was a lying sack of crap.  So much for being angry with him — it was mostly a flirtatious encounter.  Far less nasty than she had promised last Thursday after her eviction.


Eviction Time

After the group shared a bunch of banter with Julie Chen, she announced that nobody will be forced to take cold showers or have food restrictions any longer because the “Have Nots” part of the game is over.  But that doesn’t mean new twists don’t lie right around the corner.  There’s a room in the house now labeled with a large question mark.

Moments later the houseguests starting voting for the live eviction.  When the votes were vocalized, it was unanimous — Russell was ousted from the house leaving only five contestants in the game.


Another Endurance Contest

The next Head Of Household competition arrived, but the only person who couldn’t compete was Jeff as outgoing HOH.  It was a similar contest to ones we have seen in the past.  Each player needed to transport hot chocolate from one side of a slippery platform to the other in an effort to fill a large glass bowl.  The cups, which only held eight ounces, had holes in the bottom.  And the big bowl they were filling up held 16 gallons — which meant they would have to travel more than four miles to complete the task assuming they didn’t spill any liquid.

Who will win HOH?  As of this writing, (SPOILER ALERT) several fan sites indicate that the competition is over and Kevin is wearing the HOH key.

Uh oh.  Will he keep his promise to Jeff?


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